Tuesday, March 11, 2014

True Egyptian Ladies

This video was shot last Sunday when the family of Alaa Abdel Fatah was having its stand demanding the release of Alaa and Ahmed Abdel Rahman at the Prosecutor General HQ downtown Egypt.

Pro-El Sisi supporters Insulting Ahdaf Soueif and The Seifs

This video shows how Pro-Military Pro-El Sisi supporters taunted and insulted renowned Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif , her nieces Mona and Sana Seif , Human rights activist Aida Seif El Dowla and Salma Said.  Our ladies stood care less for those vulgar people insulting them by words ‘traitors’ and so on. It is a bad scene but look how our ladies stood against them with dignity like True Egyptian ladies 
What Ahdaf Soueif , Aida Seif El Dowla , Salma Said and Mona Seif did actually was a lesson on how strong true Egyptian ladies are. They showed which side is right and which side is much respectable and had a true cause.
Officially It is unclear how those people suddenly showed up but off the record you do not know to have a brain to guess that the regime let them out.
Now in unexpected we found that that vulgar lady who was screaming , insulting and taunting the Pro-Revolutionaries was claiming to be against the military couple of hours earlier then suddenly she shifted positions !!
Before and after

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  1. You, Alaa, and his family are partly responsible for him being in jail right now. All of you cheered for the coup, and all of you are silent about a lot of Sisi's crimes while you are extremely loud about others (the ones that hit closer to home, obviously).


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