Friday, March 14, 2014

Now Egypt’s CSF got a sponsor !! Updated"

This video is shared widely today on both Facebook an twitter in Egypt. It raises indeed a lot of questions. These questions are needed to be answered immediately by both Egypt’s ministry of Interior , Coca Cola Egypt and its mother company.
Coca Cola CSF vehicle !?
As you can see this is a CSF vehicle painted as if it were a Coca cola truck. Is Coca Cola sponsoring the MOI and the CSF !?
Here is another photo for the vehicle which one of my friends saw by his own eyes yesterday near October area.
Another photo

Updated @12:35 AM 
Ok Coca Cola Egypt issued a statement on twitter and Facebook regarding this matter.

This vehicle is not owned by Coca Cola and the company did not give this the permission to this vehicle to use its trademark. Coca Cola will take a legal action against the one who did this. In other words Coca Cola may sue the MOI.
No comment form the MOI has been made yet regarding this vehicle. 
This video is uploaded in Pro-Islamist Nabd El Nehda Facebook page.
Of course it is unclear where that video was taken or when it was filmed exactly.

I think Coca Cola and the ministry of interior need to answer this immediately. 

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