Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jamming #ElBernmag : Who is afraid of #BassemYoussef !?

For the second week in row MBC Misr TV channel on Nile sat is jammed during the time of Bassem Youssef’s TV show “Al Bernmag” and its re-run. Yup it was jammed during the re-run on MBC Misr channel.
By the way Egyptians in Dubai reported that it was jammed there as well.
Last week the same thing happened and tonight it happened again and here are photos showing photos from different areas in Egypt , in Cairo reporting that that the channel was facing trouble during the broadcast of the renowned  political satire show.

The renowned Satirist commented on twitter with few words Egyptians will relate to.

This is a vulgar move.
Indeed it is.
In this week’s episode Bassem Youssef spoke about the new government , KoftaGate and the attack on Essam Heggy and the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam fiasco. In the third part of the show he interviewed Dr. Hala Shukrallah , the leader of Constitution Party.
Here is the full episode.
Now who is standing behind this jamming move !?
Well we got a Pro-Military anonymous hacking group  called “Egyptian Cyber army” claimed responsibility for jamming MBC Misr last week and this week.

Here is a statement published last week claiming responsibility for jamming Youssef's show as well Pro-MB TV channels. The statement also made it clear that the group is not affiliated to any official or security apparatuses. Yeah This is what they said !!
They claim that they jammed Bassem Youssef because of his sexual innuendos !! 
Interesting this group got a spokesperson called Khaled Abu Bakr who is the admin of unofficial police Facebook page called “Egyptian Police

The clown scaring everybody "Graffiti by Nemo in Mansoura"
According to my knowledge , this is illegal. Some accuse the regime because after all you do not buy jamming equipment so easily from Abdel Aziz Street , Downtown Cairo. Also if you remember Al Jazeera channel once reported that it was jammed by Egyptian regime before.
Rival TV channel ONTV’s own News TV agency ONA claimed that unnamed experts in satellites that MBC itself was behind the jamming !! All the Pro-Regime media is copy pasting the news without doing their proper homework and get us the name of those experts.
On the other hand another anonymous yet an official source in Nile Sat company told Al Masry Al Youm newspaper that there was deliberate jamming on MBC Misr during Youssef’s show.


  1. It's interesting they are called a 'hacking' group because at least in English hacking isn't jamming. Jamming is flooding a channel with static to drown out the signal and to do it you need a more powerful transmitter. I'm trying to look up how that would work with satellite but it sounds really fishy, to say the least. To "jam" a signal over that sort of area would take many transmitters operating from a lot of space. A bunch of US electronic warfare planes might be able to do it that way, but I doubt the Egyptian army could jam something in the UAE, let alone a few private malcontents. Hacking is easier and more likely, so I'm not sure where jamming comes in unless it is a translation issue, I'm not familiar with the nuances of such words. However you cut it, this is very suspicious.

    1. That is a good point. But it could be neither hacking nor jamming. Hanlon's razor says "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." Chalk it up to vagaries of third-world transmission systems.

    2. do you try hard to be such a jerk Jason?

    3. One of the few shows left that criticizes the government starts having 'technical difficulties' which are immediately fixed for all the other programming and then magically come back just in time for the same program next week? I guess Sisi is branching out his black magic skills beyond dream-reading.

    4. @Latifa

      Say what? His suggestion is pretty unlikely but nothing he said was rude.

    5. Gosh that is gratuitously hurtful Latifa. David, Egypt's broadcast infrastructure is not at the level we are used to in the USA and Europe. In Africa that kind of thing happens all the time, not just to Bassem Yousef's show.

  2. Who is afraid OF not FROM

    1. Zeinobia always says afraid from. It's just like her trademark style. It's how she rolls.

  3. Jason, you're a chimp. First of all, Egypt has a very advanced broadcast infrastructure, which exceeds many of those in European states. Educate yourself about the history of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (formerly the Arab Radio and Television Union). No rational person who is aware of the situation in Egypt has any legitimate grounds to assert that the signal interference was anything other than intentional sabotage (and not due to poor broadcast infrastructure).

    Secondly, "afraid from" is not Zeinobia's "trademark style", or how she likes to "roll". It's merely one of the very few instances where a person whose first language is not English makes a very minor linguistic error. Stop trying to be the teacher's pet.


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