Friday, March 14, 2014

And the River #Nile Turned to Sand !!

In Abrahamic Holy Books we know that River Nile turned in to blood in the story of Moses and the Pharaoh , well now in 2014 without Moses but with a regime of Pharaohs we found out the River Nile has turned in to sand !!

Oh yes in the past 48 hours the Nile has turned in to sand in Upper Egypt governorates especially in Sohag and some parts in Qena. There are no prophets now in Egypt despite the injustice is still still but there is huge turbidity in the Nile causing the water to look like a River of Sand.

The turbidity is caused from the displacement of sand from the mounts and hills on the banks of the Nile in Upper Egypt during the heavy rain.

Qena : Yellow Sandy Nile

Now the Water Company in Sohag decided to shut down not less than 15 water stations in several cities and villages including the city of Sohag itself for not less than 48 hours till this turbidity level decreases. The company will depend upon the water reservoirs. Of course in major cities in Upper Egypt , shops began to sell bottled water for the people. 

It is worth to say that since the huge rainstorm we had complete villages in Assuit, Sohag and Qena cut of the world with no water or power access. It it worth to mention that Upper Egypt suffers from extremely bad infrastructure. Whole villages were destroyed in the last heavy rains and floods wave.

Floods destroying villages in Qena

Here are photos and videos , hope journalists do their job.

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