Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And The women’s sit in against the protest law started "Updated"

A group of Pro-Revolutionary ladies started a sit in at the presidential palace this afternoon demanding the annulment of infamous protest law. This is the first sit in by Non Islamist forces to be held in Cairo since the dispersal of Rabaa and Nahda sits in.
The sit in started Tuesday afternoon at the presidential Palace in Heliopolis , Cairo where few lades started the sit in. (Scroll below after the break to get the latest updates)
Those few ladies are : Nourhan Hefzy “The wife of Ahmed Douma , the Nasserite activist jailed for illegal protesting” , Mona Seif , Sanaa Seif, Dr. Laila Soueif , Hend Nafae , Nihal El-Marghany , Nahla Ali and Dalia Bassiouny.
The ladies now at presidential palace by Mona Seif
There are other women members in the sit in in the afternoon but they left it leaving those ladies for now.
Hefzy is leading the scene there. The security forces demanded her to stop the sit in but she refused.
The next move will be a rally to the presidential palace next 26 April 2014 for revolution
This is part of the revolutionary powers in Egypt to escalate its movement against the current protest law that led to the imprisonment of thousands in the past few months since last November.
By the way some cheap news websites are claiming that the MB leadership gave orders to the MB’s sisters to join that sit in !! Yes they did not waste any time. Anyhow Nourhan , Douma’s wife made it clear that MB supporters and members were not welcomed in that sit in.

Anyone from the MB will be kicked out of our sit in.
Needless to say despite being the son of leading MB member , Ahmed Douma is so much hated among the Muslim Brotherhood because of his views. He hates him and they hate him now. It is worth to mention that his father was detained after the dispersal of Rabaa sit in.
So yeah you got a very interesting family a MB father and a Nasserite son who are both in jail !!
Last Wednesday  the Freedom for the Brave and the Revolutionary Way organized a human chain and a rally demanding the release of the detainees arrested because of the protest law.
This rally entered Tahrir square for two minutes and chanted against the law before it would end the rally before the police would come and disperse it. Of course later the police claimed that it dispersed the protest !!
I am going to bed now.Of course I expect anything to happen to these ladies at night especially when all people are asleep so I pray for their safety.


@12:02 PM : 

The sit in is still on. Here is the latest photo of the ladies. 
By the way many people are attacking those ladies for having so-called exclusive sit in because they did not welcome men or MB protesters. Well I am sorry to say in such circumstances in Egypt it is better to have a small controlled sit in like that than having a big sit in. It was planned to be small in the first place 
Also I do not know why the MB members are so angry when they claim that the whole street is with them and that those ladies are from the useless activists who got no power what so ever !? 
The media has already accused this sit in of being sponsored and planned by the MB and the mainstream media is repeating this by the way. 
By Mona Seif 


  1. The Protest Law is, of course, the sign of a government afraid of the people.
    Why are they worried, Sissi is so popular noone would wish to protest against him.
    Tightening and tightening the knot little by little. Before you know it, its the days of Mubarak again where a blogger was beaten to death by police agents.Sissi is younger but I don't think he is smarter than Mubarak. Hopefully he will not make the same mistakes.

  2. 'revolutionaries', excluding other revolutionaries....no wonder there are only seven of them. We need unity. All those who accpet a democratic path, with all the faults that entails need to put aside their personal politics and fight for what can unite us. 'The people' should be able to chose freely. Yes that will mean a pro islamist will win and others have to live with that and fight to ensure it is a consensus oriented islamist view. To shut of the single largest group of those opposing the military coup is insane. It was the same insanity that drove 'non islamists' to side with the military against an elected government.

  3. Opposition groups in Egypt need new tactics and play book in dealing with government and attracting the attention of the mass Egyptians

    Old strategies that were used with Mubarak and Morsi have little chance of succeeding for many oblivious reasons


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