Monday, April 21, 2014

Kodak Agfa Presents : Cairo’s Nile “April 2014”

First of all Happy Sham El Nessim Last Saturday My family had an amazing Nile cruise in Cairo. Despite the cloudy weather in the afternoon , I took some snapshots for the amazing river in the busy city.
I hope you like it. This is the first time I try the new Flickr Embedded gallery , you have to put the cursor over the gallery in order to browse it.

The weather was foggy in Cairo from two days ago.
During this cruise I stopped at the Headquarter of the 23rd July revolution and its renovation.
For years this building was abandoned and it seems that the ministry of culture started its renovation from couple of years ago but yet again the project was halted.
WTF moment for real !!  
Of course the Royal Palace turned in to a headquarter of a military coup looks now as the headquarter of the Decepticons in Cairo !!!
By the way browsing and organizing my photos on Flickr, I found out that I got over 200 photos for the Nile whether in Cairo , Giza , Luxor and Aswan. To be honest it deserves this.

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  1. Very nice post on Cairo's Nile. Beauty of Small Boats in the Nile is dragging my attention. After visiting your blog i am very much excited and curious to visit the place. As all we know that Egypt is very famous place for their historical places and pyramids.


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