Tuesday, May 27, 2014

And No Bassem Youssef’s show This Weekend "Updated"

And because the day could not get any worse. MBC Misr announced that there would be no Bassem Youssef's show this weekend. The decision was confirmed by Bassem Youssef's El-Bernmag's official Facebook page.

“El Bernmag” Crew , MBC Misr and DW Arabic announce that the TV show will not return to the screen next Friday and Saturday “30 and 30 June 2014” as it was previously announced. The two channels and the crew apologize to the audience. There will be explanation in the upcoming days.
I do not know when this decision was taken but you must know that Bernmag's crew was filming a sketch starring Shady Alfons in Zamalek on Sunday. Bassem Youssef’s show was suspended for a whole month by Saudi owned MBC Group allegedly because the satirist TV host may influence the voters during the presidential elections.
Updated on 29 May : 
A Saudi journalist told Sada El-Balad TV channel with all pride that King Abdullah of KSA himself interfere to suspend Bassem Youssef's show because he did not accept any insult to the Egyptian army.
Khaled El-Marshay , the Saudi Journalist added that Youssef would not return to MBC again.
Already I had the feeling that MBC Group would sell Bassem Youssef due to pressures from Egypt and its allies in the Gulf especially after airing “Abu Hafiza” show in the same channel and how the Pro-El-Sisi/Pro-Military praised that TV show. ‘Abou Hafiza’ show is another social and political satirist TV show but not as bold as Bassem’s show.
The channel which claimed that Youssef was going to influence the voters in that month let Abu Hafiza show mock both El-Sisi and Hamdeen as well ‘within limits’ in the Past weeks.
I believe that Bassem Youssef may not return again on screen in time of El-Sisi after all the military do not have a sense of humor and do not understand satire. AlsoEl-Sisi positioned himself as the patron of manners blaming films and plays of spreading the disrespect of teachers in the society. Of course El-Sisi does not understand that he would be compared to Morsi who was mocked day and night in Bassem's show.
Bassem Youssef launched a twitter hashtag tonight “Long_Live_ElBermag” like ElSisi’s campaign slogan “Long Live Egypt”.
Needless to say that the hashtag is from the top hashtags in Egypt now.
This is the worst omen ever. Already God knows how much I was waiting for the return of Bassem and his crew this show this weekend as a relief from this madness we saw in the past couple of months.


  1. Submissive and afraid as usual. Bassem Youssef never misses a chance to disappoint his fans. If he can't grow some balls and switch to Youtube or atleast pretend to criticize MBC/Sisi and sound upset, then he should change his career. He mocks people for living. If you, Egypt's Jon Stewart, are afraid to throw a punch at this regime, who should? Personally, I stopped making excuses for this guy right after the second episode of this season.

  2. Bassem youssef is a chicken. He achieved all the fame and glory he wanted. He helped overthrow the ikhwan and got paid well through his program. If he is to return then he will be an asskisser and will submit to the the new totalitarian regime we are living in. If hes got some balls, he should move abroad and work from there. Its not the time of working in Egypt


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