Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Voting Girl 2014 : Presidential Elections

To vote for Hamdeen or to nullify my vote or to boycott the whole process. This is what I had been thinking about for many weeks. I know it is a farce just like the days of Mubarak but I used to vote during Mubarak’s era and said NO.

It is not about giving legitimacy to a certain regime through the ballot box but it is more about that feeling that someone will open your ballot paper within thousands of Yes Papers and find the big NO.

Despite I believe it is a farce I felt that I have to vote because honestly I do not want El-Sisi to win by 99% of the votes or even 90%. If he wins 70% “He won’t” , this can help the revolutionary opposition to stand and to rebuild itself politically. The Pro-Mubarak/Pro-ElSisi supporters are always repeating that the size of the opposition will be determined by the percentage Sabahi gets in the elections.

One must try all routes and ways for change. I want to be from the very few that did not choose El-Sisi in the elections in the ballot box despite all the media brainwashing since last July 2013. Why I did not choose El-Sisi , well I think you should mVoting girl 2014 elections edition #Hamdeen #Sabahi #2014 #Electionsy previous posts in the blog to know why.

Now after the Presidential Elections Commission’s decision to extend the elections for an extra day , I feel angry. We know that El-Sisi is dying to increase the turnout in order to make equal or near the one Morsi/Shafik elections scored “51.%” but in vain with three major blocs absent from the scene : The Islamist bloc , The Youth bloc , The Sofa bloc “The apolitical class of people who watch what is going while sitting on its Sofa”.

I voted on Tuesday. Now my experience in voting was quick. The polling station was empty at 2 PM  as it was extremely.Couple of middle age/middle class ladies were there along one middle age man was there casting their votes. It took couple of minutes. It did not feel like previous elections for real.

I write this now when me and others are calling Sabahi to withdraw from the elections. It is a play , we know that for sure but it is getting sillier and sillier each minute. He will continue in playing his role till the end as it seems despite the Popular Front Current Youth and the Revolutionary Youth are begging him to withdraw.

And as you can see in the picture , I got a pinky finger.

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