Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#Cairo through The Eyes of Camille Lepage

Camille Lepage , the young French Photojournalist who was killed in Central Africa Republic during her work filmed a clip about Cairo and its rhythm.
Cairo’s Rhythm
The 26 years old Freelance photojournalist lived in Cairo for some time. She was an intern in Egypt Independent in 2011 before moving to South Sudan.
Here is a photo for late Camille by Al Masry Al Youm photographer Ahmed Hayman who used to know her since school.

Camille Lepage in Cairo by Ahmed Hayman 

This is what Hayman said on his Facebook page about his late friend :
Worst news I heard so far … I lost a dear friend.. we all lost a great ambitious, talented, beautiful person
We studied at the same school in Denmark, I helped her to get her internship in Egypt and she decided to be a photographer and went to Sudan and did a great job and her work was featured in many international newspapers and magazines.
She moved to Central African Republic for the past months to cover the conflict there.
Camille Lep a beautiful 26 years old photographer was found murdered in a car today…
I took this photo of her in Egypt taking photos of locals and sharing it with them to make them happy..
Pray for her…

Lepage is considered the first foreign and Western journalist to die while covering that barbaric civil war in CAR.
You can see the photo portfolio of late Lepage here. Here is her twitter account. Her instagram account got her last published photos from CAR. Here is also her Facebook Page. 
RIP Camille Lepage


  1. I will pray for her. I am very sad. One more unneeded dead.

    Best wishes from Germany, Isabelle

  2. Just watched the movie last night...the end is shocking. When I saw that cart loaded with a white body, I knew what really happened, but hoped for a better outcome. Journalism is a dangerous game. There are so many who left their life just for us. Her pictures will stay forever!


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