Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Where is Abdullah El-Shamy !? "Updated with Video"

Abdullah Shamy after losing weight
Detained journalist Abdullah El-Shamy is missing according to his family. He was taken from his cell and taken to unknown place according his brother Mosa’ab El-Shamy. Updated : Abdullah was transferred to solitary confinement to Al-Akrab prison in Torah prison complex. According to his brother , his wife and mother learned this today. The security forces transferred him to solitary confinement because of his hunger strike and the noise he caused according to Mosa;ab El-Shamy "Below the full details"
Several journalists say that he was transferred to another prison. There are different rumors now to where he was transferred to.  Either ways the 26 years old journalist’s health is in real danger , you saw his photo after more than 100 days in hunger strike.
For those who do not know Abdullah El-Shamy , Al Jazeera News channel reporter was arrested during the dispersal of Rabaa sit and for whole nine month he has been detained without any official charge.
El-Shamy has been on a hunger strike for more than 100 days because he is demanding to stand a trial. His trial has been adjourned for months and we do not know in the first on what charges !!

Updated : 

Al Jazeera International has released a leaked video message from Abdullah from inside the jail holding the Egyptian regime the responsibility if anything happens to him.
Now some sources say security forces searched inside his cell and found a camera and a mobile phone.
Scroll down for more details pleases.
Now his brother famous photographer Mosa'ab El-Shamy issued a statement about his brother in Arabic with the full details about the last 72 hours.

It turns out that El-Shamys managed to get a blood sample from Abdullah and had tests in independent private lab to prove that he needed medical care.
Click to zoom in and see the report 
The results of lab shows that El-Shamy is on the verge of kidney failure. He got low sugar in the blood and Anemia.
Journalism is not crime by the way.
Speaking about detainees and political prisoners , activist Ahmed Douma’s health is also deteriorate and after many pleas and noise he was transferred yesterday for two hours only to hospital according to his wife where they only tested his blood !!
According to his wife Nourhan Hefzy he was taken from the hospital after two hours because allegedly some intelligence officer told the hospital that April 6 Youth would attack the hospital to take Douma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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