Wednesday, May 21, 2014

#FreeMahienour : You Will not Stop #Jan25 in This way

And the court in Alexandria upheld the two years prison sentence against leftist human activist Mahienour El-Masry today.

Mahienour El-Masry and other seven activists were sentenced 2 years in jail and a LE 50,000 fine for illegal protesting and assaulting a police officer as well torching a police vehicle outside Alexandria’s court during the Khaled Said’s trial.
Mahienour was transferred to the women prison earlier today. She will be there till the appeal of the court’s verdict.She is the first secular leftist lawyer to be imprisoned because of the unconstitutional protest law.
According to the lawyers they were not given a chance by the judge to present their arguments !!
It is so depressing on some many level.
Now here is the last Facebook post by Mahienour on why she attended the court session when she could have been tried in absentia. It was translated by blogger Omar Kamel.
Mahienour El-Masry, Loai Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Omar Abdel-Aziz Hussein, Islam Mohamed Ahmed, Nasser Abul-Hamed Ibrahim, Hassan Mostafa, Moussa Hussein, and Hassan El-Siya were all sentenced to two years in jail because of unconstitutional protest law.
Amazingly photos were taken during that day showing the police assaulting those activists not the opposite.
Mahienour in green shirt "Youm 7" 
Mahienour defending leftist doctor Taher Mokhtar "Youm7"
I met Mahienour twice and she was so sweet and humble.  I spoke with her on the phone to get more information about the Syrian refugees who were detained in Alexandria last year and she was more than helpful. Mahienour El-Masry was an example of the leftist secular human rights activist who defended humans regardless of their ideologies as long as their rights are abused.
She was also a defender of social and cultural rights of citizens in Alexandria. She defended the rights of Syrian refugees and stood against the racist campaign against them last year.
I just feel angry.
Here is Mahienour speaking as one of the ladies of the Egyptian revolution. She is one of the brightest ladies of #Jan25.
Mahienour El-Masry speaks about the Egyptian revolution
Here is a Facebook page called “Free Mahienour” dedicated to the young brave Alexandrian activist. There are also these hashtags “#FreeMahienour” and “ Free_MahienourEl-Masry” in Arabic as “FreeMahienour” in English on twitter.
There is no doubt that there is a witch hunt against the #Jan25 activists now. This witch hunt will not stop the #25Jan revolution especially among the youth , the angry frustrated youth who had enough already.
Unfortunately all what we can do now is to scream in the virtual space.


  1. The Revolution Continues!

  2. So sad. Such a bravery is amazing. These kids are willing to sacrifice everything they have for their country, there's no higher honor than this.


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