Sunday, May 11, 2014

He Met God twice Before presidency so what about after presidency !?

This is a new level of presidential cult in Egypt we are watching in that season of presidential elections !!
Last Thursday We got a newspaper “Al Fagr” claiming that El-Sisi met God twice !! Oh yes twice according to its Front page sensational headlines.
El-Sisi meets God twice 
Of course inside the issue we do not know how he met God twice but there were at least two full pages in the issue speaking about how devoted Muslim he is and that he descends from Prophet Mohamed’s family. “Like all Egypt’s presidents since Mubarak !!”
Journalist Mohamed El-Baz who wrote that important report could not ignore the fact that El-Sisi is Sufi Muslim and started telling us tales about his devotion…etc.
Of course the tabloid whose founder “Adel Hammoda” is always close to the ruling regime did not forget El-Sisi’s visions ability and how the field marshal asked God not to have barriers between them !!!!!!!!
As Muslims we believe that there are no barriers between God and humans so I do not understand what El-Sisi asked or how tabloid journalists like Hammoda and Mohamed Al-Baz knew that El-Sisi’s request from God.
The whole page by Joe Sosta
Last week El-Sisi also met a group of women allegedly representing Egyptian women , of course they are mix of groupies and the old NDP hypocrite ladies.
One of these lady described him as “The Honest Trustworthy” as description historically was associated with Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”. El-Sisi replied and told her that he was the strong trustworthy and he would try to become “honest trustworthy” !! Then later another woman described him as El-Hafiz El-Alleem {The protector and Knowledgeable }. Those two names are considered from God’s names in Islam !!!!!!!
I was more shocked to hear and see that video !!
Another shocking video , some hypocrite man in A Mowlad of some local saint in Luxor says that El-Sisi is supported by Prophet Mohamed “PUBH” , El-Hassan , El-Hussein and Lady Zeinab PBUT all.
El-Sisi supported by Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”
Moving to Egyptian Orthodox Church , well according to its spokesperson in Luxor El-Sisi granted life to Humans after God !!! 
He also added that the Egyptian Orthodox Church had no role in history unlike the current time !!!!!!
Interestingly all this hypocrisy is taking place and the man has not been elected officially as the president of Egypt. Just imagine after a year what the media will say !??
That he brings up the dead and heal the blind !!!! It is like we are not back to 1954 but rather 2054 B.C  where the Pharaoh was considered the son of Ra if not the incarnation of God himself !!
Already I am imagining the reaction of the media if all this was said about Morsi ,ok sorry I remember how everybody mocked the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi when Religious channels and Raba’a stage kept saying that the angels and prophets supported.
Now amazingly El-Sisi’s team and supporters are using the same weapon the Muslim Brotherhood excelled to us which is religion !!
Anyhow it is about the use of religion in politics to control the people and to gain their support. In his interview tonight with Sky News Arabia , the Presidential Candidate who speaks like a President said that religion and manners of the society were from the responsibilities of the president !!
I do not know if he is speaking about the president or the Emam but I am more than alarmed.
Religion fanaticism in its own way + militarism = hell in nutshell.
Part of me knows that God does not approve this and one day all those people will pay a price 


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