Saturday, May 10, 2014

Operation Erasing the #Jan25 Memory is still on "Updated"

Thanks to Amado on twitter , we found that Cairo Metro Authority has changed the Name of the “Martyrs” station and returned back to its before January 2011 : Mubarak station !!
The latest Metro Map 
Yes and you can find the name of the Mubarak station in the recent updated map of the Metro lines in the authority’s official website. Here is the latest map from the site. Updated : The head of Metro authority says that these maps are old ones "including the one on the website !!". Strangely these are the map updated with the Heliopolis metro stations that have been inaugurated last week !!

It is worth to mention that 4 May several TV hosts cheered for Hosni Mubarak’s birthday and his supporters made a small protest that blocked the traffic in front of Maadi Military Hospital without any interfere from the police or the military police last week.
Ironically this comes after the decision of the government to re-apply the daylight saving time once again after it was stopped in 2011. Many people consider it another blow to the so-called small gains of the 25 January revolution !!!
Speaking seriously several Teachers told me that there were orders from the ministry of education not to speak about the 25 January revolution especially that next year’s books will not include it comprehensively. Now students in primary stage learn that revolutions do not bring changes , in they are bad things.
 In some historical novel about Ahmed Orabi , the military leader is slammed for attempting to rebel and other figures are praised for their “Reform”!! The message is clear as you can see.
The problem of that current regime is that it does not know that history is recorded live now in front of billions of people in this world. The #Jan25 has been recorded already regardless of their attempts to erase it. 


  1. Sooner or later, the 3rd revolution will come!

  2. To support Sisi is to consciously and willfully accept virginity tests, extensive torture, prison rape, rape conducted by military forces, and mass arrests designed to gut the future of the nation by assaulting as many of its most energized youths as possible. It is not plausible that Sisi does not support virginity tests.

  3. "Nothing has Changed in Egypt"....

    General El Asar in his Interview in USA !!!!"
    This is the military way of thinking.....

    The Egyptian Revolution will (Inshaa Allah SWT) Continue: For Freedom and Social Justice.

  4. Thank you Anon 5:15PM. I think so too, it's just a matter or time and regrouping the energies for it. :(


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