Monday, May 26, 2014

Media tells You that You do not Boycott in this election , You dare not to Do so !!

In any election in the history of democracy on this earth , people have the right either to vote or boycott or even to nullify their votes. They are free to do what they want.
And as we do not have an “usual” election in Egypt now especially that we know the results in advance , it seems that the people have not option except to vote otherwise they will be cursed bad traitors who should be insulted on TV , radio and newspapers.
Of course they should also vote for one candidate otherwise they would be also traitors who want to destroy the country !!
Officially the Muslim Brotherhood and its voting bloc from Islamist are going to boycott the presidential elections because they recognize Morsi as the legitimate president of Egypt. This is one of the biggest organized voting bloc in Egypt as well the oldest one. Their absence truly will leave it mark.
Second we got part of the revolutionary bloc decided to boycott these elections because it is considered a farce as we all know that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is going to win the presidential elections and that it will be a return to the Muabrak’s regime. Among that bloc you will find April 6 Youth Movement whose founder is in jail and Strong Egypt Party as well some Pro-ElBaradei supporters and many anarchists.
And we got El-Sisi telling the public in his last interview that he wanted 40 million voters to head to the polling stations. “The eligible voters in Egypt are nearly 54 million”
Now the mainstream media is attacking those who decided to boycott madly.

We got an actor like Mohamed Sobhy saying that the boycotters were traitors , yes traitors. We got bunch of Sheikhs telling that Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” prohibited people from boycotting and do not ask me how !!
In nutshell the regime is worried from the turnout to be less than the Presidential elections in 2012. They know that the Pro-ElSisi supporters are not enough for real to amaze and impress the world as well to give a legitimacy avec a new mandate to El-Sisi to do whatever they want.
The regime also knows that when the youth boycotted the last Constitution referendum last year it was one hell of a message.
I feel pity for that media because in this race , everyone has made his and her mind already so I do know which segment the mainstream media is addressing its talk to !? I do not think the Pro-Islamists will listen to them. The Revolutionary youth also do not trust or listen to this media. Their main audience is going to vote for El-Sisi so what now !!
By the way those who accuse people in their loyalty to their country and their religious beliefs will taste one day their own poison I am afraid.  


  1. Your final sentence is absolutely right. The architecture and the architects of Sisi's dictatorship have made more than enough karma by now to ensure that they will be swept away in the future. The only question is how long it will take for the karma to come back to haunt them. They will reap what they have sown. Not only the government, but also many of the most zealous and ardent backers as well. Since they are much more brutal than Morsi's government, the karmic effect will be worse.

    Many people claim that the concept of karma is against Christianity and Islam but this is not the case. A reading of the Bible or the Quran make it clear that both texts espouse belief in the idea that actions and thoughts produce consequences.

  2. Today the temperature is forecasted to be 40 degrees in Cairo and more at upper Egypt. It is already 27 at 6.30am. Thanks mother nature.

    Anonymous 1, karma is real ;)
    If the bible doesn't tell you about karma but it tells you about what has the lord done to Pharaoh during exodus.

    Anyways, I am boycotter, I am not religious, so this makes me a traitor. But if that makes the likes of Ahmed Mousa and Moustafa Bakry pissed off, then I will not waste my time to vote for Hamdeen even.


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