Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Character Assassination of Sabahi has begun

Ok there is an electoral campaigning silence now in Egypt .. in mainstream media at least but not in the social media so I am free to write about the elections as I want.
Now the Pro-El-Sisi media “which is the mainstream media” in Egypt is attacking Hamdeen Sabahi madly in the last few weeks spreading lies about him as if he has a true chance to win the elections.
In Anti-Revolution Pro-El-Sisi Facebook pages will find alleged photo copies of some fake document showing Sabahi taking money from the Qatari Red Cross !!
In the past such copies appeared with the names of ElBaradei and Wael Ghonim.
Another lie spreading like fire is that Sabahi did not join the protesters of 30 June 2013 against Mohamed Morsi and that he was in Hurghada according to TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa .
Well I am a witness that Sabahi was among the protesters in this specific day , yes he could not get in to Tahrir because of the huge crowds in the streets but he was there filmed by TV channels so I do not know how dare those TV hosts to lie. Ok sorry they dare to lie all the time.
Moussa who bragged to be a State security informant dared Sabahi him in the 30 June protests. Well he got one already.  I was there in Galaa square in Giza filming the protests when I found Hamdeen in front of me.

This is what I saw.
Of course the most outrageous lie of all times is that Hamdeen Sabahi is a Muslim Brotherhood Member !! Why is that !? Because his brother in law is a Muslim Brotherhood member !!
Amazingly Sabahi did not deny that his brother in law was a member in the Muslim Brotherhood speaking about him politely wishing that all the brotherhood’s members would be like him.
Of course those supporters do not realize the fact that El-Sisi’s great uncle was one of the founding fathers of the Muslim Brotherhood as far we know. Also people should remember that El-Sisi worked in Morsi’s admiration and He was a part of SCAF
Needless to say that they are so proud that the former minister of defense deceived the Brotherhood’s leaders in Egypt , already I wonder if the Field Marshal is actually deceiving  everybody.
Back to Sabahi ; ‘ the MB secret member , this rumor is actually dangerous because it is the beginning of a character assassination for him even as an opposition figure like ElBaradei.
His assassination will affect his popularity not among the revolutionary class but rather the class known as the couch apolitical class affected by the media. This couch class is one of the main voting blocs in Egypt besides the Youth bloc and the Islamist bloc.
Many Pro-revolutionary youth believe that Sabahi is meant to play the role of the timid cartoonish opposition during El-Sisi presidential term. I am afraid there are indications that Sabahi will not be allowed to play even this role. The cartoonish position El-Sisi would like to have in his era is Nour Party and El-Wafd party’s opposition. 
I believe El-Sisi does not want any competition from 25 January revolution figures like Sabahi that can present a leader figure to the public at any time. Whether you like or him , whether you trust him or not , Sabahi is from the remaining 25 January revolution figures in the scene.
Some are predicting that Sabahi would have the same fate like Ayman Nour after the presidential elections in 2005
It is really ironic because El-Sisi supporters do not realize how much Hamdeen Sabahi saved their man from international scandal. In fact some of their media icons were hysterical over the past  weeks that the founder of Popular Current may withdraw from the presidential race !!


  1. Sorry, but if they are trying defame him Zeinobia , then they are beating a dead horse. I never thought he had any credibility. Starting from the role he played during Mubarak to his current act. I am surprised you fall for such a poor actor.

  2. Sabbahi has done more to lose the election than any move by Al-Sisi. He's made promises he'll never be able to fulfill and attacked Al-Sisi from the beginning with wild accusations. He's a wind-bag with high expectectations. He's never done anything for the country except be a candidate for president.

  3. They're all the same these Sissy followers, can't find anything proper to promote their boy with so they try to make up any bullshit to defame his opponent.
    The guy's afraid to wander out of his compound, he locked himself in for some time now, no wonder they call him sissy!


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