Tuesday, June 10, 2014

#EndSH : It is not a Conspiracy or A Plot , it is ugly truth

And fairly we can say that the talk of town in the past 48 was not the speech of newly elected president but rather the mass sexual harassment or mass sexual assaults to be precise in Tahrir square.

Another series of sexual assaults and attacks took place through the past week where the climax was last Sunday on the inauguration night where there was a gang rape for a lady in the square who was saved by police officers.

Personally I think that we would not know  about that tragedy if it were not for a shocking video that reminded us with that epidemic called Sexual Harassment.
The shocking video clip showed a badly beaten naked lady escorted by a group of men including a policeman to a nearby ambulance in a chaotic sad scene. I will not post that terrible awful video , it is truly shocking and worst than any video for mass sexual harassment as it is actually a sexual assault.

Thanks to that horrible video the people knew that Tahrir square was hit by another merciless wave of sexual harassment and sexual assaults.

It is worth to mention as soon as the video hit the social media “allegedly on Saturday” , Pro-El-Sisi supporters claimed that it was an old video from 2012 and that the Muslim Brotherhood supporters republished it to spoil the celebrations of democracy.

Well according to the official investigation that it was recorded last week and the victim was 45 years old lady who came to the square to celebrate El-Sisi presidential victory with her 5 years old son.

It turns out that there are also at least 9 girls in Al Helal Hospital , downtown Cairo in a critical condition because of sexual assault. One of the girl was actually a victim of a gang rape , she is in a critical condition. Her uterus is torn to the level that she may have to remove it. She lost her virginity and is suffering from huge bleeding !!

Couple of suspects were arrested and the Prosecutor General is investigating the whole thing. Newly elected president El-Sisi called the people today to restore the moral spirit of Egypt. Whether he likes it or not but the “alien to the Egyptian society” incidents spoiled his inauguration.

Another video made people even madder online. On Sunday night also A TV host called Maha Bahnassy laughed at the fact that there were sexual harassment incidents in Tahrir square.

Sexual harassment cases in Tahrir sqaure
The Tahrir channel reporter at tells Maha that there are sexual harassment incidents in the square and Maha answered “Let the people be happy !!” with a silly laugh.
“Let the people be happy” so it is ok to let harassers because they make people happy !! I do not get the logic of that Pro-Mubarak TV host.

After being criticized and attacked on social media whether Facebook or Twitter , the Pro- defended her on her official Facebook page claiming in two posts that she was not addressing the reporter.

In the first post she claimed that she was not addressing the reporter and that she did not know the mic was open and she was speaking on air.
A screen capture for the deleted FB post
Then she deleted that FB post and posted another one where she claimed that she was speaking with the guests and she did not mean it  !!

Now she is claiming that she is a victim and that bad 25 January and Muslim Brotherhood supporters are attacking her.
I do not know what kind of excuse is that !! Bahanessy clearly does not realize that what she had done or the meaning of what she said. If she really did not mean then she did not pay attention in the first place to her channel's field reporter !!
Not so surprisingly Tahrir TV channel issued an apology defending at the same time Bahnassy claiming that that she did not laugh at the sexual harassment cases.

The channel's anti-25 January revolution TV hosts are defending their colleagues. Pro-Mubarak/Police State Ahmed Moussa claims that the Muslim Brotherhood. Accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of standing behind the mass sexual harassment. Mohamed El-Ghaity claimed that the first one to spread the video was Blogger Wael Abbas whom he accused of being MB agent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the horrifying testimonies and the official investigations and reports , TV channels are now adopting the theory that the Muslim Brotherhood and Pro-Hamza Abu Ismail supporters are behind the mob attack !!!
Naturally Religious People "Andeel"
A recurring theme of blaming the MB is spreading in the media and among the Pro-ElSisi supporters. Unfortunately you will find activists and NGOs claiming to be liberal like Dalia Ziada as well the National Council for Woman's rights adopting that theory !!

On the other hand shamefully the Pro-Muslim Brotherhood and Pro-Morsi as well many Islamists are gloating at the incident because the victim is another “Pro-El-Sisi” supporter who was raped by other “Pro-El-Sisi” supporters in the sinful Tahrir square unlike the Pro-Morsi Rabaa and Nahdaa sit in.

As far as I could tell Islam prohibits us to gloat not to mention to act like this under any circumstance. I know that the women of the Muslim Brotherhood have been insulted and defamed a lot in this disgusting political conflict with rumors like “The sex Jihad” in Rabaa sit in but this does not mean they forget the teachings of Islam !!

It is turning to a disgusting blaming game.

Amazingly the true 25 January revolution supporters are the only ones online who are asking people for real to stop using this shameful incident in politics and to think for once about this social disaster called “Sexual harassment”

The 25 January revolution women from protesters and activists have taken the biggest share of defame and insults before 30 June from both the Pro-Mubarak and Pro-Islamists , in fact till this day Anti-Military activists from women are insulted and defamed day and night yet as far as I see they have not lose their humanity and turn monsters like their enemies.
Doaa El-Adl
Speaking about the 25 January revolutionaries amazingly some people are blaming the famous volunteer watchdog groups like Tahrir Bodyguards for their absence claiming that those group had a political stance.
Well those people forget this is a volunteer group that used to protect Tahrir square as much as it could because the police used to leave Tahrir square for protesters altogether to avoid any clashes.

Tahrir Bodyguards addressed those critics in a series of tweets Monday’s evening , the most important one of them is the direct reason behind their decision not to participate in any public event recently.
“What prevent us from being in Tahrir square is that we are at risk of being arrested for “forming armed group” charge according to the statements of the MOI officials statements.

Returning back to the main problem , you can not fight a problem like sexual harassment in Egypt by imposing new laws alone as long you have this social culture that does not actually denounce and criminalize such behavior.

Again this incident exposes the fakeness of some so-called liberal human rights activists as well women’s rights organizations like The National Council For Woman.
FYI there will be rally against sexual harassment in Downtown Cairo this weekend .

This is not a plot to spoil the happiness of the Egyptian people or a conspiracy against El-Sisi , this is a social disease and the first step to treat disease in the world is to recognize. Unfortunately we have not diagnosed correctly.


  1. it seems convenient that you forgot to mention how a CNN reporter was sexually harassed and almost raped during the coverage of the 25 January revolution,regardless, sexual harassment is an epidemic in Egypt. That's because feminists in Egypt have no teeth in this country . There are no truly feminist movements in this country and you and me know that that is due to pressure from religious extremists

    1. Sexual harassment is when you say "phoar, nice tits, bet you don't get many of THEM to the pound." etc. i.e., verbal. The Lara Logan case was different. Hundreds of Arab Spring celebrants ripped her clothes off, and stuck their filthy fingers in her vagina and rectum, causing painful tears requiring hospitalization.

  2. WOW! I'm very impressed by your post. It provides all the information needed, and simply calls the people to wake up, look out and oppose this painful reality. It's terrible what we've reached. And it's insane how many people are actually taking the incident of this sexual assault based on how it'll benefit their own political side. We still have a long, long way to be able to fix this and to awaken the people's conscience and humanity.
    Despite how painful it was to read, I found this a great post with a great message. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    May we be granted with more persistence to do something about this issue.

  3. Education and Social Justice, so people have hope to get married and have their own family.


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