Saturday, July 26, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Another Truce for Now

And both Hamas and Israel agreed on a 12 hours humanitarian cease fire many hope it would extend for 24 hours including the UN Secretary General , the US Secretary of state and the of course Egypt.
I wonder how much longer this time it will last. The death toll reached to 1000 Palestinian killed in that war.
Today hundreds of Palestinians returned back to what remains from their homes in Beit Hanon, Khan Younis , Khuza and Shegaiya  searching for their belonging as well their beloved ones in what was once their homes. More dead bodies are found in the streets of Khuza and Shegaiya. Not less than 68 dead bodies were brought out of the rubble today alone.

The photo are speaking without the need of any words.Of course one wonders where those rockets and missiles are !? Did Hamas put all the rockets and missiles in all those houses and places !?
Already Egypt, the United States and the UN along the Arab League were hoping for a 7 day humanitarian truce but it seems that it was too much for both parties when each of them insist on their demands.
Now I can not forget what happened on Thursday’s night.
Last Thursday Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem protested in a way that has not been seen for years.
The photos of the Palestinian flag on Aqsa mosque dome went viral in the Arab world.
Many Palestinian politicians said that it was the beginning of a new Intifada. God knows how much Israel does not want this to happen especially with all its military losses in Gaza as well its losses in the international media. In Fact I believe many Arab regimes including the current Egyptian regime


  1. Hello Zeinobia, so you believe the victims are all innocent civilians? There are no militants among them?
    And why did Hamas resume firing while Israel was respecting the truth? I know you won't publish and won't answer, but at least try to think and remember, those militants are also killing Egyptian soldiers. Kul sana wa inti tayeba

  2. Askar terrorism will be toast in a few years. Most people stopped have believing in racist delusions peddled by Egyptian tyrants that blame everyone else for their own failings. They allege that Algerians, Palestinians, Americans, Qataris, Turks, Europeans, Syrians, are in mass actively collaborating to bring down Egypt, but few believe this trash any more. The militants are mostly Ansar Beit al Madis, not the majorities of the varied foreign populations.

    Egyptian askar terrorists in one decade have killed infinitely more Egyptians and Palestinians than Palestinians have collectively killed Egyptians in 100 years.

    Palestinians aren't the ones oppressing Egypt. Can't say the same for the reverse.

    Yes, a majority of those killed by Egypt and Israel are civilians, although there is indeed a minority of armed fighters that also are killed. Hamas also has a policy of accepting the killing of civilians as well, though it has killed a lot less than Egypt has.

    It is entirely possible for both sides to lose the media war. That is what is happening now, though it is hurting Israel more since Israeli behavior is surprising the world to a greater extent than in the past. Hamas is acting in an expected and typical fashion. The West Bank Palestinians are winning this media conflict.

  3. Israel is a power horny nation runned by psychopaths/sociopaths.....

  4. Yes, Hamas put the rockets in missiles in civilian homes. Hamas insisted at gun point that civilians will not leave the battle zones. Hamas wanted the death toll to increase.

    Why are you so surprised? since when extremist islamist organization care about civilians casualties? Does ISIS care about civilians? Does Taliban care about civilians? Does el-Qaida care about civilians?

    Hamas used to send suicide bombers to Israeli bus public transportation system. Most of the people using those buses are old people and school kids, yet it was their primary target. At the beginning of this war they sent hundreds of rockets to Israeli cities, luckily Israel has the technology to deflect that. If it weren't for that technology, we would have seen similar sites on the Israeli side.

    Hamas agreed to this cease fire only because of the recent blows. They didnt agree till now.

  5. Can I believe the Hamas was hiding rockets in all of these houses? Let's see.

    Today I ran across a recent article written by Saif Daana, an Arab professor in the US, and no doubt a Hamas supporter (

    This guy is deeply in love with the idea of destroying Israel through violence. I assume many people in Hamas share his dreams, totally oblivious to the direct relationship between their blind ambitions and the atrocious condition in which the people of Gaza are in.

    Here are a few quotes from his article:

    "This wonderful rocket [the first rocket fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv in 2012], the rockets made by the heroes of Gaza, and the rockets that followed in their footsteps in July 2014, are like a history book that came to us from the future: We read it to see the current battle as only a prelude for a major battle that will no doubt culminate with the demise of the Zionist entity and the liberation of Palestine."

    "How we wish we could speak to [those] rockets, and tell them of our great longing for the coming inevitable battle with the enemy. How we wish we could send the enemy a letter on board those rockets to say: We shall fight you, we, our children, and our grandchildren and their children if we have to. We will fight you until the last inch of Palestine is recovered, and every Arab who doesn’t is a traitor. Only after that will the world change."

    What a fool. There is no need for the letter he wants to write. The message he wants to write on those rockets is exactly the message that the Israelis have been hearing with each and every rocket, each and every exploding suicide bomber on a bus full of civilians, each and every kidnapped Israeli soldier, and each and every tunnel the Hamas dug underneath the houses of Israeli civilians. As much as it is hard for Arabs to believe: this message drives fear into the hearts of Israelis. But it is that fear that drives Israelis to strengthen their army and ignore the suffering of the poor people of Gaza.

    It is exactly this message that is responsible for the siege on Gaza, and it is the "genius and heroism of the Resistance in Gaza" (which he praises in the article) that is thus responsible for the destroyed homes and so many of the dead in Beit Hanoun, Shegaiya, Khan Younis and Khuza.

    And what a self-destructive belief - dreaming about the destruction of Israel by his great grand children. The people holding this belief care more about a far-in-the-future destruction of "the Zionist entity" then they care about helping the poor children of Gaza. To them, the suffering this brings to the people of Gaza is worth it. It is the violent and desperate dream of destroying the "Zionist entity" that brings Hamas to hide rockets in UN schools and underneath civilian houses, which in turn brings Israel to destroy those homes (and yes, probably a few others too).

    My response to Saif Daana: those rockets you are so proud of - that first rocket fired from Gaza to Tel Aviv that, and those rockets fired many years before that at Sderot on a daily bases, and also those exploding buses in Israel in the 1990's - they bear as much responsibility for the destroyed homes in Gaza today as does the Israeli army.

    Zeinobia - if you really care about the people of Gaza and want the bloodshed to stop, perhaps you might want to call out to people like Saif Daana and urge them to prioritize the welfare of the people of Gaza over the dream of destroying "the Zionist Entity".

  6. The truce ended .

    Hamas opened fire in the morning at Tel-Aviv, although the Zionists tried to extend the cease fire.


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