Sunday, July 27, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack :Talk to me about lies in this war !!

It is a war , yes this Operation against Gaza is a war by all measures with more than 1000 killed and
It is a war and it is built on a lie because it started by a lie spread by Israeli media and Israeli officials that Hamas was responsible for the murder of those three Israeli settlers. It turned out to be a lie.
Israeli Police spokesperson told BBC Sydney Jon Donnison that those Israeli settlers were killed by a lone cell that did not operate under Hamas’ umbrella.
Israeli PM claimed that Hamas was behind the act and unfortunately not only Israeli media but also Egyptian mainstream is claiming the same thing. The Egyptian media also ignored these tweets despite it has not problem in making a whole story from Fake twitter accounts and D-List celebrities.

Buzz Feed’s Sheera Frenkel wrote from a month ago that Israeli officials and experts did not believe that Hamas was responsible for the murders of those three Israelis. 
A lie that led to this 
Amazingly and sadly enough we find the current President of Egypt repeats indirectly that the Gaza war started because of the kidnap and murder of those three settlers as if it were the guilt of Palestinians in Gaza. I thought that he would be wiser and that the Egyptian intelligence would know what the Israeli Police spokesperson knew from long time.
The Egyptian media totally ignored the tweets of the BBC correspondent as well BuzzFeed’s report. Of course I am not surprised because the Egyptian media is claiming now that those who killed the protesters in the 25 January revolution were Hamas militants !!
It is worth to mention that on 4 February 2011 Hamas was giving to Egyptian borders guards in Rafah food supplies because no food supplies came to them from Cairo according to Reuters Report. The report says that Hamas was beefing up the borders to stop any breaching there !!
Speaking about that date I remember that during Morsi’s era the case of Three missing police officers were brought up in the media with direct accusations that Hamas was responsible of their kidnap.
I remember the wives of those missing officers saying that they got tips from unnamed officials from Egyptian intelligence and military intelligence accusing directly Khairat El-Shater of standing behind their kidnap.
After July 3  there has been no single piece of news about them when I remember it. I think the authorities in Egypt owe to the poor families and the people of Egypt the truth. The families and those officers are not a pawn in some stupid fight over power between the deep state and the Muslim Brotherhood. I have not forgotten that incident. Playing with people’s hopes is disgusting.
I am not defending Hamas but I hate lying , some people in Egypt are cheering for what is happening to the Palestinians and their murder in a cold blood thanks to that ugly media campaign which cost and will cost Egypt a lot. They are cheering now a collective punishment which is against Geneva conventions. It is a war crime.
Yes as usual Israel is committing a war crime and many Egyptians are cheering for it that to the bloody Pro-Regime media.
Three Israelis were killed in a crime and thanks to Stinky Bibi “as we used to call him in Egypt” a war crime is committed and over 1000 Palestinians were killed and over 2000 were injured as well hundreds of houses are destroyed.
What happened in these photos is a war crime.

Because of Bibi’s lie there will be more generations from both sides feel that grudge which no initiative will end. 


  1. when I came to egypt around 10 years ago it was a different country
    I stayed because I felt like coming home, the people warm hearted and feeling with others, welcoming whoever was in need
    Now I feel the people have been brainwashed, I feel I have been put in another country
    where are the Egyptians hailing the one got down the israeli flag from their embassy and made him a heroe, where are all the Egyptians who always stood against the isreaeli crimes
    now all over the world the people are demonstrating against this warcrimes but where are the Egyptian?

  2. If memory serves me correctly, the Hamas denied direct involvement in the kidnapping of the Israeli teenagers, but in the same sentence they also publicly praised this act and sent their sincerest blessings to whoever committed that cowardly crime. Maybe if Hamas had condemned the kidnapping and murder instead of praising it then Bibi wouldn't have had the excuse to increase the violence.

    But does the exact excuse for starting this specific round of violence really matter? The power mongers on both sides are always on the lookout to start a fresh set of brutal exchanges whenever they feel that it will advance their own objectives. If it weren't for this kidnapping, there would have been some other violent Palestinian act that Bibi would have used to his advantage.

    It was Hamas with the exploding buses after Rabin's murder that brought Bibi to power to begin with. The violent factions of the Palestinian people just keep playing into the hands of Bibi and Liberman by choosing the path of so called "resistance". They just don't get it (or maybe they do get it, and it suits them to always keep Israel angry and violent at the expense of their own people).

  3. Z be careful. Your blog is being more and more highjacked by traitors to Egypt inciting against our heroic soldiers who just lost numerous martyrs to terrorists with rockets obtained from the hamas monsters. Make no mistakes: our soldiers are not just our protectors. They are our only protectors.

  4. The terrorists zionists commenting here are either students trying to get a grant from the apartheid state (it's a true initiative launched by Israel) or are frustrated Jewish-American hating to see that Israel is losing the propaganda war on the Internet. No propaganda or any hasbara specialist will be able to cover up the crimes of the zionist regime

    1. Stop !!!

      (This is a riposte I learned from Hamdy Youssef.)

    2. Have it ever crossed your mind that the millions of people living in Israel don't like being fired at by the Hamas? Or, we should keep quiet and suffer cause for you we are not humans? we are "Zionists", condemned to mass extermination or mass deportation by the "heroes" of the Hamas which will "Free Palestine" from our existance? No, we don't agree to that.

      People like you are the cause of the suffering of the Palestinians (and the Arab world in general). Encouraging them to fight endless and futile wars instead of compromise.

      Here we go again for another round of unneeded suffering from both sides. The Palestinians will suffer much more, cause some of them keep listening to "heroes" like you. Its really sad.

  5. thanks again for all your efforts there. I try too, in my own little way here in Az. But people are always easily led, (see Wikipedia's "The Big Lie" ) to understand this. They are now being snookered, (the sheep, the masses), just as the U.S. citizens were by Bush-Cheney & Co. the dark souls among us, the sons of Belial :( All we can do is try to be a flashlight in the darkness now. <3

  6. Anoynomous: Please remember TOO when you say these things, that OUR soldiers too in the United States were considered and STILL are considered the "heroes" heroic for invading Iraq on the basis of a outright LIE, and even Afghanistan when you come down to the facts alone. On Sept. 11th, 2001 the U.S. was hit by Al-Q, and on December 2001 Bush invaded Afghanistan on the "pretense" of getting Bin Laden. I say pretense, because he diverted as soon as people were sufficiently snookered into the lie, to then divert to Iraq in 2003 all along, his number 1 goal. I sat and watched the TV that day in December of 2001 when our forces were "called off" of capturing Bin Laden who was in a cave there with the Mullah Omar in Afghanistan's Tora Bora. Just study more online, Tora Bora and youtube even has a video of Bush saying, "oh him, I don't care about him anymore, I don't worry about Bin-Laden" when he was questioned as to WHY he left and called off the capture in December of 2001. It's ALL a lie, check Wikpedia, "The Big Lie" and see how easily the crowds and majority are deceived. :( I learned the hard way, when LBJ assured Americans that Vietnam was moral and right. :(

    1. The Hamas rockets are not a "lie". They are real. I can hear them and see them in the sky every night in Tel-Aviv.

      The only difference between Tel-Aviv and Gaza is that Tel-Aviv has better defense system. Otherwise, the Hamas would have inflicted the same damage on Tel-Aviv as in Gaza.

    2. Deb: do you really think that the Hamas rockets and tunnels are a lie? Those rockets are real, and are terrorizing my children. I admit, my children are in a far better position than the children of Gaza, but my children was lucky enough to be born in a society that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens over the will to destroy its neighboring society.

      My opinion of the conflict is not the result of being deceived by a movie. It is the result of living in Israel for over 45 years, talking to many Jews and Arabs and empathizing with both sides, serving (like most Israelis) in the military and, to my dismay, attending funerals of friends - and recently going to the shelter because rockets were being fired at me and my family.

    3. Can't speak for Deb but I can say that the choice of targets and goals for this operation involve lies. The rockets and tunnels are real but the Israeli actions are war criminalities on a massive scale. If it was just about rockets and tunnels, Israel could afford heavy restraint and rely heavily the inaccuracy the rockets and Iron Dome. A much larger game is going on here, and it ain't good.

      The Israeli military leadership is aware of the huge number of civilians deaths that will continue after the end of the war as a result of infrastructure destruction. These deaths are not collateral in some kind of action that will enhance Israeli security. The Israeli government is not telling the full truth about their goal.

  7. Doesn't seem possible that this conflict will be able to have a normal termination without some type of plan to lift the blockade of Gaza. The status quo in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza is not really sustainable anymore. Even if this particular phase of conflict can be patched up, calm will be punctuated by increasingly frequent rounds of upheaval and violence.

    There is also is the problem of contaminated war supplies and general survivability in Gaza. A solution to this problem, either two states or one bi/multi-national state, is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

    If there actually was sufficient political, it would still be possible to implement a two state resolution. However, the time is drawing closer when most of the world will start to view a one state strategy as the only viable course of action. It is impossible to predict exactly when this will happen, but it is likely to be in either in the near term or medium term.

  8. Those supporting israeli terrorism on this blog are probably dumb zionist students sitting at uni or at home, repeating the lies of their government to an English speaking audience. They basically type "arabic blog" on google and just copy paste the propaganda lies of the israeli terrorist army. A humble question to these poor idiots: do you have any clue why Palestinians are still fighting even after a 100 years of zionism looting? Do yourself a favour and stop for a minute. Think about it. Please, from a human to a human.

    If they are not dumb students, there must be American citizens loving the exotic dream of the white man surrounded by crowds of savage Arabs... i.e. the only democracy in the Middle East (democracy with the apartheid and occupation as a model of society). Same question to you guys, why Palestinians are not giving up?

    And are you not afraid to stand up for a society that is predominantly racist towards arabs and blacks? What the point of History if we can't learn from it? Have you heard of what happened in a country called South Africa? Do you know what eventually happened to the Crusaders states...some of them lasted 200 years but had to collapse eventually. Why? Why?

    A hint : no peace without justice.

    Wa Salam.

    1. Its funny that you mention the crusaders. did you know that the only country in the middle east where Christians Arabs are not fleeing the country is Israel? I wonder why.

      You keep calling the Arabs savages and the Israeli people white. For your information, the Arabs are not savages and many of the Israelis are actually "colored". Most of the Israelis and Arabs originated from the same race. With the same clothing and accent, you really can't tell them apart. You can see it in Israeli cities where Palestinians people go along Israeli people freely and equally. Ofcourse, you cannot see it in Palestinian cities cause every Jewish Israeli who identify himself as such will be slaughtered immediately.

      Your idea of this conflict is a series of slogans designed to inflame hate and violence.

    2. Its funny how people like you depict Israel as racist state while you describe the Muslim states as heaven on earth.

      How many thousands of people were killed this month in Syria by el-Assad regime? How many Christian Arabs were killed or deported in Mosul / Iraq by ISIS ? How are things in Lebanon, Egypt , Jordan ?

      Every country has its problems, you hate Israel because its the only non Muslim state in the middle-east ("crusaders") , you will tell any lie and create any story to destroy a non Muslim state in the middle east. That is the truth, and the proof is very simple, Many African immigrants struggle to get to Israel through Sinai, they dont want to stay in Egypt or Syria or Jordan, they prefer to go to Israel.

  9. This blog denounced the death of four children on the Gaza beach. Since then at least seven children, including a baby girl yesterday, were killed in Sinai by terrorists armed by Hamas. The children died from fragmentation rockets that Hamas managed to send to these terrorists monsters. Not a peep about it.

    My point: denunciations are justified only for children killed in Gaza. Those killed in Sinai are considered fair game. Why ?


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