Friday, August 1, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : And One terrorist is down !! “Graphic”

Meet Israel’s latest victims from Gaza : Mohamed , a 4 years old boy.
This photo is taken by Bel Trew in Gaza today. The dear friend and colleague who is currently in Gaza saw
Mohamed "By Bel Trew"
him today in the hospital. Mohamed lost his face because of an Israeli missile that hit his home while he was sleeping.
The doctor told Trew that they had to take a skin graft to reconstruct the right side of his face and his left eye has shrapnel lodged in it. Mohamed is blind now.
If I am not mistaken this young boy needs to be transferred abroad to be treated.
Mohamed’s elder brother Ibrahim is in the same hospital too. The 14 years old got wounds to his head, neck, back, groin, leg and arms.
We do not know what happened to Mohamed’s parents. Their house was attacked without any prior warning.
Today the death toll in Gaza increased to 1422. More than 8000 Palestinians have been injured so far. At least 2000 are children who suffer from similar injuries like Mohamed and Ibrahim have got. I do not think those children and families will have warm feelings towards Israel and its army.
According to Chris Gunness , the official UNRWA spokesperson reported that 236,374 Palestinians have been displaced since the start of the Israeli military operation in Mid July.
They are displaced in 86 UNRWA shelters including schools which are bombed and shelled by Israel frequently. Five UNRWA officials were killed in the recent attack.
Gunness made headlines in the Arab media when he appeared crying over what is happening in Gaza on air on Al Jazeera TV channel.
Chris Gunness crying over what is happening in Gaza
Israel claims that the current war in Gaza is a war of self defense against those awful terrorists who are civilians.


  1. This is very sad indeed, but kids are not the targets. Hamas fighters are the targets.

    Most of the casualties are Hamas fighters.

    1. Four-year-old Jewish children actually are Hamas targets.

  2. UNRWA organization in Gaza keeps under its "schools" and "clinics" stacks of missiles and rockets for the Hamas.

    This organization was founded in 1947 for the sole purpose of dealing with Palestinian refugees (around 700,000 refugees in 1947). The rest of refugees in the world since then are handled by UNHCR, the other UN agency for refugees.

    One agency for Palestinians , another agency for the rest of the world.

    This organization is the essence of corruption. Its goal is perpetuate the Palestinians sufferings (its reason for existence). Since 1947 many tens of millions of refugees in the world were rehabilitated without special agency (for example, Israel absorbed over 1 million refugees in 1947, no special agency for them).

    Only UNRWA remains with its perpetual "Palestinian problem".

    Please read more about this abnormal UN organization in Wikipedia.

  3. Why so much denunciation for those killed in Gaza, and none, none at all for the eight children killed this week and last by Hamas supported and armed terrorists in Sinai ? Just asking.


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