Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#Raba'a and Its Report : The Debate won't end

And Human rights Watch has issued its final report about the dispersal Rabaa sit in aka the massacre of Rabaa describing it as nearly a crime against humanity.

This report is issued in the first anniversary of the most horrible sit in dispersal in the history of Egypt. I can not say anything about the report except that you have to read it. The U.S human rights watchdog organization says that Egypt should stop the use of excessive use of force in protests and that UN should form an independent commission to investigate the killing of the protesters in Egypt.

You can imagine the reaction of the Egyptian regime. The Egyptian government unleashed its media and claiming that the report was biased and the HRW was Pro-MB to the rest of that set of accusations. Yes the international human rights organization that issued reports against Mohamed Morsi's administration is accused of being Pro-Muslim Brotherhood now.

Already moments after the HRW has released its report online , Egypt's State Information Service "SIS" issued a statement online describing the report of being biased. The SIS accused HRW of ignoring the attacks against the police and army forces as well the attacks against the churches in Upper Egypt not to mention how the Rabaa protesters were not peaceful protesters..etc.

Oh and they say that the HRW was operating and conducting interviews without legal permits.

Amazingly the Egyptian government did not bother to read the HRW report to know what was included inside in the first place. Of course I am not surprised. If they read the report , they would know that HRW included all those points in its 188 pages report.

Needless to say the Egyptian government managed to make the world to pay attention to that report after its decision to bar the HRW executives Kenneth Roth and Sarah Leah Whitson from entering the country and deporting them for lame excuses.

Here is a small video from HRW about Rabaa massacre.This would refresh your memory with what happened from a year ago.

The debate about that HRW won't end today , it has just started.


  1. Sisi's regime will eventually be toast. Who in their right mind would trust a government over Human Rights Watch, let alone THIS government? Time for Sisi believers to face it, this man conned you into supporting his murderous rampages. He said you had to support killings, torture, and destruction of the law for some supposed stability or security that remains elusive and nonexistent. His real purpose was to fulfill his lust for power. Sisi has been coveting the presidency for a very long time. He finally duped powerful enough individuals into letting him become defense minister so that he could proceed to murder and torture his way to the presidency.

    The parliamentary election? What a joke. No in their mind should believe that this will remotely reflect popular will or bring prosperity.

    Sisi is a failed tyrant and a terrorist.

  2. Anonymous8/13/2014 06:08:00 AM, that was great, thank you. Now can we get that pro-Sisi guy again? Mix it up.

  3. Ahhhh...You might want to check out how much HRW and Amnesty International lied about the number of protesters Gaddafi killed. You guys need to wise up and realize their is a global plot bent on destruction of your country and you are doing nothing but playing into their hands. Ever heard of George Soros? If so he funds both HRW and AI. He also supported the organization that helped write Morci's constitution. If you don't know who he is you might want to do some research and look at the broader picture. When Egypt looks like Libya will you be happy then?

  4. Z the debate has already ended. 99% of talk backs with US sounding names in papers like WSJ, WP, Breibart among others strongly support both Sissi and the egyptian people and blame HRW. You know why ? : Gaza ,Mosool and Irbil. Benghazi too. Anything islamist, fundamentalist, fanatic or sympathizer is seen for what it is i.e cruxifier and head chopper of children.Monster if you prefer. HRW and their hood sounding name writer did a hatchet job and are now hanging with their own rope.

    Z wake up and see the light. Anything less than 100% turning away from this crowd is not going to end well.


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