Monday, August 25, 2014

The cats Massacre in #GSC : Not the First and Probably Not the last !! "Graphic"

And Gezira Sporting Club does it again; it got rid from stray cats in the famous club in the most barbaric way. The cats were poisoned and beaten till death with no mercy what so ever.
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
It seems that cats massacre as it is called by tweeps on twitter happened in the past 48 hours.
Photos emerged on Facebook showing the poor creatures poisoned and beaten.
Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid

 Photos by Cherine Ismail Rachid
One cat made it for several hours and animal rights activists transferred to the vet but it died later.
Photo by
Cherine Ismail Rachid
This is not the first time the upscale club administration poisons the cats in the club , it happened before in 2012.
Ironically there is a cemetery for dogs and cats in the club !!!
You know the Islam I know and I believe in is the Islam where we taught that God sent a woman to hell for locking and not feeding a cat till death. Personally I believe that if you treat animals kindly in a right way , you will treat humans in a good way.
Sometimes I feel that mercy has been lifted from the hearts of many Egyptians , many people are indifferent now to blood and show no mercy what so ever to other humans and other creatures.
Still there are some that care , a group of animals rights activists are going to protest the barbaric action of the club in front of its gate in Zamalek tomorrow Tuesday at 6 PM.
ESAF & ESMA animal rights organizations filled a criminal case of animal cruelty. You can follow the case on this Facebook page.
And yes this matter is important and big. It is not irrelevant.


  1. Maybe, those cats were annoying leaving their wastes near the club grounds, maybe there were too many un-petted cats that were roaming the streets, maybe it was a good decision. But leaving their death bodies lying in the streets and brick fences is pretty cruel, "At least finish what you've started to the end!"

  2. kill em all and feed em to coyotes


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