Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is considered an act of War !!!!

Do you remember Hillary Clinton’s fictional book that caused a lot of noise in Egypt and Lebanon ?? Well it seems that the story of that fictional book and its chapters will not finish.
Mohamed El-Ghaity : El-Sisi attacked the US 6th Fleet !!
The video above is from Tahrir TV’s political show “Wake up” {Yes this is its name} two days ago and its TV host Mohamed El-Ghaity is telling the viewers the following story quoted from the so-called Hillary Clinton’s book.
During the Raba’a sit in , we remember that crazy MB woman who said on the stage that the United States sixth fleet moved from Italy and came near the Egyptian shores in order to rescue them and the pro-Morsi protesters at Raba’a cheered for her. She was saying the truth.
Yes it turned out that the United States indeed gave orders to its Sixth fleet to move to Alexandria according to the US secretary Hillary Clinton’s memories and you won’t believe what happened next , I will tell what happened according to the book and what I know personally as new facts not mentioned in the book
The United States sixth fleet moved heading to Alexandria but our great armed forces  stood against it , our air forces sent our old air jets to warn the warships and then the great man who headed the navy then Mohab Mamish sent our hero frogmen to those warships. This great man told our frogmen {either you bring victory or you become martyrs and so our great men brought victory.}
Our frogmen attacked one of the American warships and captured its commander and brought him back to Egypt !!
I am responsible for what I say !!
Our old air jets are Russians but they were developed by Egyptians and so they were not spotted on radar !!
Then one of the members of SCAF called Obama and delivered to him El-Sisi’s message that we will not stand any threat and we will expose them to the world … !!
I will not comment on that talk except this is considered an act of war from both countries.

BY the way I want to know the fate of that USS Warship x Commander captured by our navy frogmen.
This is even worse than the media in 1967 ; during then people had no internet access for or telecommunications revolution for God sake !!
Mohamed El-Ghaity 

I can not stand this amount of lies for real.

Personally I think that Mohamed El-Ghaity is sucking up to former vice admiral Mohab Mamish who is currently heading Suez canal authority. The former SCAF member is a media star with the all the spot lights on El-Sisi’s grand Suez canal Deux project !!
Interestingly the channel founded to bear the name of Tahrir square and turned in to one of the most anti-Jan25 outspoken TV channel got an incredible choice in TV hosts !!
Among the ex-staff of that channel Maha Bahnassey “who is coming back” and Rania Badawy who has moved to another TV channel “Al Youm” after insulting the Ethiopian ambassador.
Among the current staff of that channel , the one and only Ahmed Moussa who is proud of collaborating with state security and supporting Mubarak.
Updated : It turned out El-Ghaity once blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the fall of Andalusia !!
Mohamed El-Ghaity : The Muslim Brotherhood is behind the fall of Andalusia


  1. Z. don't waste your time or brain cells with this nonsense. I will not argue about this bs. I will mention only one simple thing, Mamish left the navy in Aug. 2012 to head the Suez Canal Authority. That was at the same time when Morsi assigned Sisi to be the new Defense Minister.

    1. Not waisting time with nonsense like this may be a bit high-brow. Highlighting how the web of lies and the brainwashing seems to be growing day by day, is a no-brainer, but an important story....

  2. I heard the report. I love my country, but Dunno if frogmen could have climbed onto moving frigates and captured US navy brass, and not without major fire fight. Our armed forces don't have these skills and my only conclusion is that this report by this pseudo journalist can join the other on Egyptian army's machine for curing AIDS in the hall of fame of drug induced drivel. That's my view and thank you for exposing this quack

  3. Dear Zenobia, I don't know what happened to my last posting where I accused this journalist of selling drivel. I just wanted to add that Egyptian media has a long tradition of treating Egyptian citizens as morons. First they said army can cure AIDS and now we have us beating sixth fleet. They'll be saying we go to the moon first next. I wish we Egyptians could be less insecure and more proud of what we've already achieved, without needed to invent nonsense make believe stuff.

  4. Too bad they didn't have sharks like the Mossad. Just imagine what they could do then.
    You sound desperate dear.

  5. I think I know the fate of the US naval ship. It was all documented in the movie Under Siege. Except that Tommy Lee and Busey did not die at the end.


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