Friday, March 20, 2015

Celestial Chronicles : Partial Solar Eclipse in Egypt

And Egypt witnessed that partial Solar Eclipse seen in most of Europe and part of North Africa.
Yes, it was a small partial Solar Eclipse but still, it is a partial Solar Eclipse.
It started from 11:15 AM and ended at 12 : 30 PM. I took couple of photos using my mobile phone and X-Ray image while wearing my sunglasses. This is what I got and it is not the best. I cropped the image by the way.

Partial solar eclipse 2015

I did not use my Camera because I do not have filters to protect it and I did not take any risk. The X-Ray image and the iPhone were a quick solution

The partial Eclipse
Here is the image without crop 
Nevertheless, some brave photographers took the risk in Egypt and snapped a couple of great shots.
By the way tonight We are going to have a Super Moon.

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  1. Dearest ZEINOBIA /few modest line about SOLAR eclipse that occur once a while HERE or THERE, but in the case of Egypt WHY should we care.. as we say in Arabic ..NOURAK KIFAYA ALEINA... The Sun or (HELIO)won t ever set over Egypt, Eclipses or not..Egypt is the BEACON of human illumination and civilization since mankind multiplied on this earth 06 thousand years ago & to this day and always will STAY the same, dark clouds may come and go /try to dim the shining beams ..but EGYPTIAN faith and will will break always in its History/GOD bless and protect MASR EL HABBIBA( SWEET EGYPT).... FROM LONDON WITH MY SINCERE BEST BARSOUMIAN

    9HELIO)won t ever set over EGYPT


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