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Too Early For Justice For El-Sabbagh or El-Gendy or Air Defense stadium Victims

Tuesday was a busy day at the Prosecutor General’s office as it published an important statement regarding very important and highly controversial cases where police force has been a suspect for a murder.

Hisham Barakat , Egypt’s prosecutor General announced the results of his office’s investigation in the murder of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh , the Air Defense stadium massacre and the murder of activist Mohamed El-Gendy in one statement issued earlier Tuesday.
Sabbagh, Gendy and Zamalek Club fans at Air defense stadium
Today all the attention was focused on Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s case and the announcement that the prosecutor General has referred a police officer to the criminal court for the murder of the Leftist activist last January. Amazingly almost all Egyptian news websites , newspapers and news channels focused on that headline without going in to details.
ِA Copy from the statement of prosecution
concerning Shaimaa El-Sabbagh murder
"Mohamed Garhy"

The prosecutor general referred the central security officer to the criminal court  on the charges of “beating till death” and “causing injuries to other people” according to his statement. The investigations of the prosecution also revealed that the 32-years old leftist activist and member in the Popular alliance party died due to wounds sustained from “light birdshot”.

Now I do not understand that “beating till death” part because one thing for sure Shaimaa was shot not beaten till death. I would not be so surprised if the prosecutor accused the officer of manslaughter but “ beating till death” !!! Anyhow you should know that according to Egypt’s Panel code that officer whose name is not mentioned in the statement can face from 3 to 7 years in jail if it is not premeditated murder.

It did not stop at here because in the same statement the prosecution referred the members of the Socialist Popular alliance party to court on the charge of breaking the protest law !!!!!!

By the way a group of Egyptian journalists broke the media gag order imposed in the case of late Shaimaa El-Sabbagh and revealed the name of that officer.

Central Security Forces “CSF” First Lieutenant Yassin El-Emam is accused of beating Shaimaa El-Sabbagh till death. It turns out also that the prosecution referred a police general in the Central security forces to court also for hiding information. It is worth to mention that the ministry of interior maintained that its forces did not kill El-Sabbagh.

Media is cheering of course for the big news without paying to attention to the fact that there is still a trial. That officer can be acquitted in the court , in fact there is a bigger that he will be acquitted like other officers and policemen accused of killing and torturing citizens. There is a big possibility that the officer can be acquitted and Shaimaa’s comrades find themselves behind bar for couple of years after all. I am sorry for being pessimistic. 

I see that the regime wants to close the Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s file as much as it can after all the noise she caused following her tragic death abroad more than serving justice.

Of course I can not hear any comment from the Pro-Sisi/Pro-Military supporters who were accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of standing behind the murder of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh on the eve of 25th January revolution.

The prosecutor general also announced the results of the Air Defense stadium massacre. investigations. "Scans from the prosecution statement below in Arabic. Source : Mohamed Garhy" 

 Last February not less that 20 Zamalek sports club fans were killed outside the air defense stadium during a football game between Zamalek and ENPI . Despite the evidence from video footage and eye witnesses’ accounts about the police and Zamalek Sport Club’s role in that massacre , Hisham Barakat referred 16 suspects from allegedly the Muslim Brotherhood and Ultras White Knights 07 Fan group to the criminal court for standing behind what happened on that blood day !!!

I do not know what to say except I am worried that this would be the start to ban Ultras groups in Egypt and to designate them as terrorist organizations.

Now the big surprise or rather shock was the announcement of Prosecutor General about the murder of late activist Mohamed El-Gendy in 2013.
A scan from the prosecution's statement about
El-Gendy's murder  "Mohamed Garhy"
To refresh your memory Popular current member Mohamed El-Gendy disappeared during the 28 January revolution anniversary and appeared later while in a coma with traces of torture in the hospital where he died after few days. The Medical Forensic Authority initially claimed that El-Gendy died due to injuries resulted from a hit and a run accident.

Due to the public anger , another forensic authority was formed later by the orders of the prosecution and proved that the young activist died because of torture. An eye-witness also came forward and claimed that he saw El-Gendy when he was being tortured at a CSF camp.

Amazingly we got a confession from Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki in March 2013 that the Minister of interior then Mohamed Ibrahim asked him to say late Gendy was hit by a car before the autopsy report would be released.

El-Gendy became a new icon for revolution in Egypt along late Mohamed Shafei and late Jika against the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi’s rule as well his minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim.

Now on 17 March 2015 Egypt’s prosecutor announced that officially that Mohamed El-Gendy died due to a hit and a run accident and that the case is temporarily shelved.

I do not know what to say for real.

I just can not forget his mother’s speech at that public presser held before the 30 June protests calling all Egyptians to bring down the MB’s rule and restore her son’s right.
Mohamed El-Gendy’s mother addresses Egypt

I can not forget either how her son’s case was milked by different media outlets day and night before 30 June and the ouster of Morsi and how the same outlets are completely silent now.

Mrs. Samia , El-Gendy’s mother already engaged in to politics after the 30 June protests and the ouster of Morsi. She was already going to run for parliament in Tanta on behalf of the Pro-Sisi 25/30 electoral coalition.

On Tuesday she announced that she won’t run for the parliament and will fight for son’s rights even if this means that she will go to international courts. Human rights lawyers already appeal against the decision of the prosecutor general.

I do not know what to say for real. Some say that justice has been served despite realistically speaking we still got two trials and a case that is shelved.

Justice has not served to Shaimaa or Mohamed or the Zamalek fans yet and I highly doubt that it will be served anytime soon.

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