Sunday, April 19, 2015

Release Karmooz Refugees After more than 150 days !!

Do you remember Karmooz police station refugees ? The 74 Syrian and Palestinian Syrian refugees
For more than 150 days , those children
are detained in an Egyptian police station
who have been detained in Karmooz police station since last November despite the prosecutor general’s order to release the. Those refugees are still detained.
Those refugees including children are still detained for more than 150 days.
That group includes 16 Syrians and 58 Palestinian Syrians.
There is also one Somali refugee who has been in detention since last August staying with them.

Updated : 

According to journalist Tom Rollins  all the Palestinian-Syrian men were transferred to Qanater prison from couple of days ago leaving children and women behind at Karmooz police station !! 

I do not know when their agony will end.

Already they did not do any crime for real. They were left at the Nelson Island and they were the one who called the police to save them.

The Egyptian authorities have either to deport them or to release them.

What I know that the prosecutor general gave his orders to release them while the National Security ordered their deportation and yet they were not released nor deported. Just stuck in a two small detention cells in an Egyptian police station for more than 150 days !!
I believe that the Egyptian media should focus on the agony of those refugees.

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  1. The Egyptian government shod look up to TurkeY
    as a Role Model for welcoming our brothers and sisters in Egypt


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