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Just Remember Shawkan and Mahmoud Mohamed

Shawkan and Mahmoud Mohamed , two Egyptian young men who have been detained for more than a year  unjustly and unfairly. Only their families and friends are still fighting and reminding the world with their case without giving up hope.
Mahmoud and Shawkan 
Mahmoud Abu Zaid aka Shawkan has been in detention since August 2013. He has been in detention for more than 640 days now. He is currently detained pending a trial in protesting and inciting violence-related charges when he was arrested while doing his job as a photojournalist.
Shawkan in court on 14 May 2015 
Here was Shawkan standing in front of Judge Nagy Shehata “oh yes” on 14 May 2015 defending himself and saying that he was a photojournalist.

Unfortunately, Shehata renewed his detention for another 45 days !! Shawkan has been detained for more than 640 days for God Sake so far for just doing his job.

The freelance journalist wrote a letter from Torah prison saying that it may be his last letter as the security authorities may take from him the pen and papers he got in his cell. Shawkan wrote that eloquent letter before the trial casting  doubt that he would be released and slamming that “State sovereignty” which imprisons reporters and journalists in Egypt.

شوكان يكتب:-¤طره "ترى" هل تكون هذه هى الرسالة الاخيرة؟!!ولكن، كيف تكون الاخيرة؟!تكون رسالتي هذه هى الرسالة الاخيرة ...
Posted by Freedom for Shawkan on Thursday, May 21, 2015
Mahmoud Mohamed is a 19 years old high school student who has been detained since 25 January 2014. He was arrested because he wearing a t-shirt against torture and 25th January Scarf. For more than than a year now he has been detained pending investigations. His family released that statement in English and Arabic.

#بيان من اسرة الطالب محمود محمد افرجوا عن محمود محمدPlease scroll down for Englishمحمود محمد طالب ثانوي عمره ١٩عام، م...
Posted by ‎الحرية لمحمود محمد‎ on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Just remember Shawkan and Mohamed. Just make noise to remind the world that they should be outside jail.There is no proper media coverage

Also please remember April 6 Co-founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel as well Alaa and Sanaa Abdel Fattah, Ahmed Douma , Abdullah El-Fakarany and Mohamed Soltan. It is just depressing when you think about that long list. 


  1. You are wrong Z. These two individuals were not arested for 'just doing their job'. They did not have a real job to start with. They took the option of a 'job' to support the nations terrorist enemies. Now they weep. It's too late . They should have thought about it earleir. They believed their friends in the mb that islamism terror would win. They certainly wished it would win. They were encouraged hearing the mb declaring as their first demand for a settlement the public killing of our President.

    Now stop your misleading flailings and let them rot where they are ,

    1. Oh dear. That's sadly plausible. But how do you know? Where did you get that information?

  2. اهلا زنوبيا ...كل عام وانت بالف خير ورمضان كريم
    اصل الحكاية وهل يستوى شوكان ولا اى شاب من شباب الثورة والمؤمنين بها مع اى شخص من تلاتى اضواء المسرح
    شرطة وجيش وقضا
    هم فين والناس فين ؟
    وهل يعقل ان تتخلى الداخليه عن رجالتها ولنا فى العكش خير مثال
    ومن امتى اصلا القانون بيطبق فى المخروبة
    القانون دا يطبق على الناس العادية اما التلاتى فممكن يرموا لنا كل شوية حد تعبان منهم كده ننشغل بيه
    مرة تانية كل عام وانتى بالف خير وكل شباب الثورة والمومنين بالحلم فى مصر احسن من كده لاننا نستحق احسن من كده فعلا


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