Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kodak Agfa : Ramadan Kareem 2015

First of all Ramadan kareem to all the people around the globe. I wish you very happy and blessed Ramadan.
Second here is the annual post showing the latest trends in Egypt’s Ramadan Lanterns “Fanous” in 2015.

This year in Egypt , something very important has happened. In order to save the local traditional lanterns industry in Egypt, a decision was issued in last April to ban the import of imitations to Egyptian traditional products above them the lanterns.
Personally I see less plastic Chinese Ramadan lanterns than the usual this year but the Chinese Ramadan lanterns are still there because workarounds.
Already the Children’s plastic lanterns are more of games now than traditional lanterns. Any importer can claim that those Chinese Plastic lanterns are toys and get away from that ban order.
I did not find the Sisi on a car lantern but I found Dora, the explorer this year.


For adults,the Chinese exporters presented this year a collection of wrought-iron or as we call it in Egypt in French “Fer Forge" lanterns. Designed in Moorish way, they look elegant  with the stained glass. Nevertheless, they do not look like Ramadan lanterns but rather elegant lanterns for your home or your garden all year long.

This year is the latest fashion in Egyptian traditional lanterns are the Wooden lanterns and Khayameya lanterns.
The wooden lanterns are more beautiful than the khayameya cloth lanterns which got very strange shapes like tanks and canons!!
Needless to say someone in the Egyptian Lifestyle blogs “yes we have them” should speak about that craze to use Khayameya patterns in Ramadan lately. It was cool at first but now it became boring and too commercialized.
The original tainted glass tin lanterns , the original lanterns are still there. 
Here is the complete photo gallery of Ramadan lanterns this year after the break.
On the eve of Ramadan, I would like to pray that all those detainees held in jails unjustly because of unconstitutional decisions and laws in Egypt will be released to spend this blessed month with their families. I pray for a true miracle to pull this country, this nation from that uncertain future awaiting it and its people in ever-changing region.
I pray for the people in Syria , Yemen, Iraq , Burma , China , Nigeria , Somalia and Libya not mention of course in Palestine.
And here is it the official anthem of Ramadan in Egypt by legendary folk singer Mohamed Abdel Motlab.


  1. Nice information. Thanks for sharing with us such a useful post. I have gone to Egypt with the help of a well-known travel agent Complete Egypt to the Ramadan festival. Really, it was amazing, all Egyptians also very friendly with me and enjoyed a lot the belly dance. Keep blogging.

  2. Haha, one of the real handmade lamps had pictures of el-Sisi all over it.

    Happy Ramadan.


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