Sunday, August 9, 2015

ABM is back as ugly and brutal as usual

Last Wednesday Islamic State group-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis a.k.a Sinai Province issued a new Video message to the Egyptian government threatening it that it would kill a foreign hostage it kidnapped in Egypt if it did not comply to its demands in 48 hours a day before the inauguration of the new Suez Canal extension.
Now 72 hours have passed and we do not know and fear the fate of that hostage.
A Message to the Egyptian government by ABM "SITE" 
The Sinai-based militant group threatened to kill 30-years old Croatian Hostage called Tomislav Salopek if the Egyptian government did not release who they refer to as “The Muslim women Prisoners” in 48 hours following the release of the video.

The video showed the 30-years old Croatian who was captured on 22 July while wearing a jumpsuit on his knees in some undisclosed desert location. A Masked ABM-militant wearing a camouflage attire carrying a knife was standing behind Mr. Salopek. Unlike the infamous Jihadi John , he did not speak.
A screen capture from the video "SITE' 

The father of two who lives originally in Zagreb was the one who spoke in English and it was a heart breaking scene.
The video is available on Internet Archives and other sites.
The heartless group even published a countdown for his execution.
Tomislav Salopek  is a topographer who works at French Compagnie Generale de Geophysique “CGG” was kidnapped last 22 July. According to the Company officials, CGG reported the kidnapping Egyptian authorities since then but nothing happened. 
 Checking the news back then in Egypt , I found nothing but AP published the news on 24 July about the kidnapping of a Croatian citizen by an unidentified militant group in Cairo two days earlier according to the Croatian ministry of foreign affairs.
Salopek’s father called for his son’s release. Here is a raw video for Mr. Salopek speaking to journalists in Zagreb. Here is a raw video from AFP and Getty.

A Croatian Facebook page also was launched in solidarity with the 30-years old man who used to work in Iraq and Libya. The group released an appeal to the militant group to let Salopek go saying that the Croatians are not Americans or Israelis.

I found his Photo Bucket account with few photos from Libya and Egypt. He seems to like birds and got very nice shots with his two beautiful kids. God bless them all.

I think this is the first time the notorious group issues a similar ultimatum, but it is the second time it kidnapped and kills a foreign resident. The group killed U.S citizen abducted in Egypt before in 2014 if you remember.

According to sources, Tomislav Salopek was kidnapped in a highway west of Cairo, exactly in Al-Wahat Highway. Some people are shocked that people are abducted like that by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” West of Cairo, not in Sinai.

Well, I think those people ignore the fact that the ABM was responsible for deadly operations inside Cairo including the bombing of Cairo security directorate itself !! The question is how that abduction was let to happen in the first place when the government and the media say day and night are in full control of every inch in Egypt.

Unfortunately, the news of kidnapping the Croatian engineer and the ABM’s threat to kill him are ignored in the mainstream Egyptian media. Even the news of his father’s appeal to the militant group are not highlighted.We got couple contradicting news based upon anonymous sources here and there about how Tomislav is not currently in Egypt and in fact in Libya.

Nothing should disturb Egypt’s big achievement in the new Suez Canal bypass’ huge celebration as it seems . 
Croatia's Minister of foreign affairs will visit Egypt to follow up on the matter.

People in Croatia launched a Facbeook page calling for the release of the father of two. I found this message in English and Arabic to his abductors.

Personally I am not optimistic because that poor Croatian was already a dead man since day one and I won’t be surprised to know that he was executed or rather beheaded days before the ABM ’s announcement and threat.
Salopek at the pyramids in Giza "Tomislav Salopek's
Photobucket" account 
ABM knows very well that the Egyptian regime won’t release prisoners under any condition, especially terrorists’ conditions.

ABM is trying to remind the Egyptian regime and Egyptians as well the world that it still exists especially after their losses in Sinai following their failed attack on Sheikh Zoweid.

The terrorist organization is trying at the same time to win supporters and sympathizers among the youth using the Islamist female detainees showing itself as a defender of the oppressed as the Islamic State group loves to do in Iraq and Syria.

Speaking about Muslim women detainees , Esraa El-Taweel’s sister Duaa called the militant group not to kill Salopek in press statement on Friday because “her sister is innocent but that her release should not come at the expense of another innocent person."

The ABM is also showing itself against the New Al-Qaeda’s Morabtoon group.
I hate to say that I expected they would do something on the occasion of the new Suez Canal extension.Already earlier Thursday, an alleged ABM spox on Twitter announced that there would be a special “Sinai Province” for the inauguration of the New Suez canal.
A screenshot for the tweet by Ahmed Alish

The account is currently closed.
I am more than angry and sad for what happened to Mr. Tomislav Salopek and his small family. I am truly sad that this has happened to him. 

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