Friday, August 28, 2015

And this is how Esraa El-Taweel looks like now

Freelance Photographer Esraa El-Taweel had another date with the High State security Prosecution earlier Wednesday and once again they renewed her detention pending investigation for another 15 days.
We only had the opportunity to see her pictures for the first time since her forcible disappearance in early June and then reappearance in detention pending investigation.
Esraa coming down the prison vehicle by Sameh Abo Hassan
waving to her family  by Sameh Abo Hassan
She has become so fragile.
El-Taweel is accused of joining a banned organization and sending false news about protests Egypt in order to defame the Egyptian regime.
Esraa’s doctor warned her family that she may lose her ability to walk again if she does not return back to treatment and proper medical care.
Esraa’s friends Sohip and Omar are referred to the military court.

Sohip has got already the Al-Jazeera international cell case in front of the Criminal court next 29 August. Wait for a big media circus on that media as Amal  Clooney is reportedly going to attend the trial with her client Mohamed Fadel for the first time.
I see those photos and I remember that Hosni Mubarak’s enjoyed most of his time in the past 4 years at the 5-stars suite whether in the International Medical Center or Maadi Hospital. I see Esraa’s photos and remember others like her unknown in the Egyptian prisons.
I see how Esraa El-Taweel is treated and denied her basic rights and I feel angry and sad.
By the way, do you Mahmoud Mohamed who has been detained since 25 January 2014 for wearing an Anti-torture t-shirt got another 15-days renewal pending investigation by the prosecution !!!
I do not know what to say more.
By the way interestingly earlier Thursday I found former vice president Mohamed ElBaradei tweeting the following.
From a logic perspective: When we foil the youth’s dream, oppress them and throw them into prisons then we also destroy the nation’s future. #Their_Freedom_is_our_Freedom
#Their_Freedom_is_our_Freedom has become an active hashtag since then.

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