Saturday, August 29, 2015

Down with the Arab Rulers Zillion times “+18”

One day we will tell our children how we seek refuge in Europe, how Syrians were drowned and how thousands of martyrs were killed. The day will come and we will our children that the Arab and Muslim States were closer to us "The Syrian refugees" but they closed the doors in our faces, the day will come and our children will say down with the Arab rulers. 
A Syrian refugee reaching to the Greek shores after seeing the rest of the refugees coming with him in a boat drowning.

I do not know the name of the refugee or when the video was filmed, but those few words became a quote that did not only spread but now attributed to foreign leaders like Angela Merkel instead of that unknown Syrian survivor
Down with the Arab Rulers Zillions times from the Gulf to the Ocean.
Down with the fake Pan-Arabism and its empty slogans and words.
I curse the Arab rulers with no exception especially those supporting Bashar El-Assad and those who sponsored the making of ISIL directly and indirectly.
The EU by Banksy 
I do not blame Europeans or EU for what is happening to the Syrian refugees as much I am blaming the Arab countries and its rulers with no exception including Egypt and rich Gulf.

On Friday, the photos of refugees drowned on the shores of Libya went viral and suddenly the Arabs on social media remembered the tragedy of the Syrian refugees.
The photos came like another slap in the face after the news of that death truck in Austria.
On Thursday, 71 Syrian refugees including 3 children were found dead in a food truck in a highway thanks to the smell. They suffocated till death.
inside the truck of death 
Unfortunately we had a similar case like that in Egypt from two years ago, the infamous Abu –Zabaal prison vehicle.
Back to the Syrian refugees, on Friday  the photos of those refugees drowned on the Libyan Shores showed us how the world is an ugly place.
We found Syrian and African toddlers and babies drowned on the shore.
No comment except they are n better place
Earlier this week we found that photo of An Arab lady kissing the hand of a Macedonian border guard to let her and her family enter Greece from Macedonia.

Those photos are the tip of the iceberg for the on-going tragedy of refugees, especially Syrian refugees for the past few months if not years.
The Arab countries can host more than enough when it comes to the Syrian refugees, but they closed their doors in front of them forcing them to go to Europe even if it cost them their dignity and lives.
Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt are the only countries helping and aiding Syrian refugees in their own ways. Needless to say, economic and political situation and racism as well in those countries make it hard for the refugees. Speaking about my country in Egypt, I know things could be better for the Syrian refugees and it was actually good, but unfortunately political changes made some of them pay the prices.
We have got then the rest of the Arab countries and they can help.
Down with the Arab Rulers till the end of days zillion times.
Where are we now?
In heavens

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  1. This is one of the most powerful things I've read and seen regarding the latest deaths. It's very, very thought-provoking, thank you.


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