Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#WorldElephantDay : The elephant of Giza zoo

The world is celebrating Elephants on the occasion of the World Elephant Day today and I will just seize the opportunity once again to re-post photos I took from Egypt's Giza zoo in 2013.
In 2013 , Giza zoo got one sad African elephant called Naima

Lonely Naima at her big cage "The elephant house" 

In 2015 Naima celebrated its 50 birthday in Giza zoo

Alone in her cage , the famous Naima is known for generations of Egyptians.
My mom still remembers her.  
 As you can see Naema is not happy.

That look
Not only she is in captivity but she is lonely too surrounded by noisy people.

Guards allow people to feed her 
She is placed at the Elephant house in Giza zoo.

The elephant house 

The cage 



Here is a photo for Naima taking her morning shower from Giza Zoo official Facebook page. 

Naima is not lonely now because she got a new friend, Karima from Asia. I want to go again to the zoo to see Karima 

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