Saturday, August 15, 2015

Remembering The Unforgettable Rabaa

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the Rabaa sit-in Massacre and people launched that hashtag “#RememberRabaa” and I am wondering how can anyone living in Egypt can forget Rabaa sit-in and its bloody dispersal in the first place !??
By Mosa'ab El-shamy from Rabaa sit-in dispersal on August 14 , 2013
Personally I believe whether you are totally against the forcible dispersal of Pro-Morsi Sit-in or support, you can not deny that after 14 August 2013 things went from bad to worse in Egypt.

I won’t speak about humanity because it is useless to speak about the value of human life when people are still discriminating between humans because of their political affiliation and religious beliefs as well race then there is no use. I am tried debating about fundamental universal beliefs, especially debating with hypocrites.

When I read in the media so-called internationally claimed human rights activist describing the forcible dispersal of Rabaa sit-in as a great day in the history of Egypt then I should not speak with her about fundamental human rights now.

When I read all day long about how the Muslim Brotherhood members are bad and God’s worst criminals on earth in a way to justify what happened in a dispersal that is described by the State’s National council for human rights as “ extreme forcible” one then there is no use.

When I read on how some Pro-democracy activists and tweeps were attacked yesterday for ignoring the sectarian attacks on churches across the country following the dispersal  while they did not ignore but their online attackers attempt to justify the killing of more than 600 Egyptian officially  as if they deserve to be killed because after their killings, Churches were attacked in some kind of twisted logic that I do not comprehend then what I can say !!?

Neither those Pro-Morsi people should be killed nor those Churches should be torched and attacked, this is not a perfect world but rather that what should have done.

The crazy hateful bigotry shit that used to be said at Rabaa stage is not an excuse for what happened either.

When I read on twitter tweets of an alleged current police officer in the force who says that the security forces were merciful and they should have killed all those inside the sit-ins including women and children then I find  that people retweet him in support of disturbing views then I have to be alarmed and sad.

I read some disturbing stuff from people yesterday claiming to be revolutionary but their revolutionism is similar to Nazism and I feel that I am repeating myself.
By Mosaab El-Shamy from Rabaa dispsersal
I will tackle the dispersal of Rabaa Sit-in from complete pragmatic view. That day already changed Egypt forever and up till now we are paying its price whether we like it or not.

Polarization increased badly, militancy increased badly, sectarianism increased madly and that massacre did not end political Islamism. It already complicated things regardless what you think or believe. It did not stop blood but rather it made unstopped river running and competing with the Nile river so far.
I pray to God that one day those who were really responsible for this massacre will pay the price justly in front of the whole world,  in front of an Egyptian court, in front of God.

Inshallah this day will come because history says so ,other countries that have been through similar path say so as we are not above those countries.

Anyhow, there is hope as I believe every year more and more people realize now what happened in the forcible dispersal was a massacre after the awful media hysteria in Egypt for two years.

Now to the latest and important updates about this year’s anniversary of Rabaa dispersal:

The Egyptian government decided to change the name of Rabaa Al-Adawiya square to Hisham Barakat square to honor the slain Prosecutor General who authorized the forcible dispersal !! Ironically everybody knows that people of Cairo will still call it Rabaa square.

Rabaa Adawiya Mosque is still closed by the way.

A group of independent human right activists launched this website “FadRab3a” or “Rabaa Dispersal” which documents the dispersal of Rabaa through video and photographs including Mosaab El-Shamy’s historical collection neutrally.

Yes neutrally as ironically  the Muslim Brotherhood members accuse the admins of that valuable site to be a Pro-regime supporter if not someone who works with security apparatus and the Pro-Sisi supporters claim the admins of that site were Muslim Brotherhood.

Former Vice-president Mohamed ElBaradei who resigned on the same day of the massacre to object the forcible dispersal wrote that tweet in Arabic
May Allah have mercy on everybody and guide us to the right path. 
Of course El-Bob was attacked from the Pro-Sisi’s supporters for his treason and support to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood’s for treason and support to 3 July.

Photo Journalist Shawkan is in detention for three years now , for more than 700 days. 

In the end, May God bless the souls of those killed in Rabaa and on that day as well after it and because of it.
May God have mercy on our souls.


  1. May Allah swt have Mercy on there sol

    El Sis is not Nasser

  2. Perhaps some middle way between 1. killing 1000 Morsi supporters and 2. letting the crowd stay as long as they liked, could have been tried, but the pro-Morsi crowd wasn't going to disperse without some kind of force, that's for sure. They were resolute in their positions, and displayed no fear of the police, none at all. The amazing picture of them throwing a police vehicle off an overpass (police still inside!) makes that clear.

    1. FYI They did not throw this vehicle, it was a terrible accident as the vehicle attempted go back to avoid the protesters, the driver went too fast.
      It was recorded on video. I remember this very well as Sabry Khaled the photographer who took was there and there was a video. That was the third best photo for 2013 in Egypt "I do not know even if best was accurate word to be used with this photo"

  3. Zeinobia, you surely know better than I do, so thanks for the correction, but I got it from your blog post on the day itself. It's about 80% of the way down the Twitter timeline.


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