Thursday, September 24, 2015

And here are the smiles of Free detainees

Nearly half of the detainees pardoned by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi earlier Wednesday have been released and free.
It is a perfect time to share their photos as free men and women outside bars.
The first batch to be released were the Al Jazeera staff detainees. The security forces dropped Mohamed Fadel, Baher Mohamed and Shady Ibrahim in Maadi.
That was their first photo taken by AFP journalist Samer Al-Atrash.

Fadel, Mohamed and Ibrahim in Maadi by Al-Atrash
Here are Fadel and Baher in a photo with their wives.
The Fadels and Mohameds 
Here is Baher after returning home with his little baby Haroun.
Baher and Haroun back together. "I do not know
know who took it :(" 
After several hours, dozens of other detainees including the ones imprisoned in high profile cases began to be released and their photos showing their happy faces began to flood the timeline on Facebook and twitter.
Here are the most of the girls in the Presidential Palace clashes walking from jail to freedom carrying their bags by Ravy Shaker
The girls by Ravy Shaker 

Here is Yara Sallam , free and surrounded by love
Yara Sallam by Ravy Shaker 
Yara Sallam by Rav Shaker 
Here are Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif
Here are Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif by Roger Anis
The happy girls
Here is a video clip showing the girls especially Yara Sallam after leaving jail from Al-Masry Al-Youm
Yara and the girls by Al-Masry Al-Youm
There are still girls who are still in prison despite the pardon: Salwa Mahrez and Nahed Bibo
Now to the men, the real men.
Here is Hany El-Gamal from Shura council clashes with his family and human rights lawyer Mohamed El-Bakar.
Hany El-Gamal by Naema Hashem
Here are Mohamed Sami and his family from the Shura council clashes case.
Sami and his family by Hema Ezzat
No one can forget how his father and how he cried madly in his retrial in court.
Here is Mohamed Taymour with his family.Taymour was among the detainees in the Shura council case.
Mohamed and his family by
veteran journalist KhairaShaalan
Here is 18 years old Yassin who lost a lot of weight in detention
Here is Mohamed Abdel Rahman aka Noubi with his friends
Mohamed Abdel Rahman "Twitter"
Here is photographer Mohamed Hosni who was arrested during the clashes in his home with his small family.
 From the Presidential Palace clashes
Abu Samara 
Miza and Arabi 
From Alexandria, we got Omar Hazek and Islam Hassenein.
Hazek and Hasseinein
No one has forgotten the rest of the detainees. We are just celebrating the freedom of those young men and women. We need to celebrate those small victories.
Now this Eid is a special one for them.
Of course once again, they should not be in jail in the first time. Their release is not part of a change in politics in Egypt more than a PR move. The Egyptian government wants to secure a seat in the UN security council and El-Sisi is heading later today to New York to attend the UNGA.
Happy Eid. 

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