Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Esraa : Another 15 days in detention

In case , you do know Esraa El-Taweel’s detention has been renewed for another 15 days earlier this week. Yes, she did not spend Eid with her family.
For more than 100 days, she has been away from her family, away from her friend and most importantly away from her freedom. 
Esraa’s health condition is getting from bad to worse.
Now Esraa wrote a letter to her family before the renewal of her detention by the State security prosecutor. It was published by her sister Alaa El-Taweel.

#رسالة_من_اسراء بعتتها قبل العرض الأخير .. 111 يوم ... مفيش جديد في الحقيقة غير ان حالة رجلي بتسوء .. شوية شوية مع الو...
Posted by ‎آلاء الطويل‎ on Tuesday, September 22, 2015
111 days have passed…there is nothing new except that the condition of my legs are getting worse. As time passes, I feel less and less my knee. There is no physiotherapy in detention and so I am trying to train myself. I have not seen specialized doctors in my case.
I do not understand why I have been in jail till now. The man who interrogated me in State security in Lazogali “Ministry of interior HQ address” told me that  they “the authorities” knew that Omar ‘Ahmed’ was more of an indifferent joker and I was not involved in anything. He also told me that we would be out and unfortunately I believed him.
The misfortunate trio : Esraa , Sohip and Omar 

I want to tell that man in “Lazogali” not to lie again because I believe you for real. I believe that I was dump to believe you.
I want to ask the President , the acting Prosecutor general and the State security prosecutor general why I am in jail if I am not a Muslim Brotherhood !?
I feel sad so much when the prosecutor calls me an “defendant” , I cry and tell him that I am not.
I swear by God that I won’t eat again in “Chili’s”  and I will eat only home. Okay I am sad at you Egypt , enough jail.. enough. I need to spend Eid with my family..Thanks.
I do not know what to say more.
Esraa El-Taweel was not included in the Presidential pardon of yesterday because she has not been referred to court yet. Sohip Saad , who is among the defendants in the Al-Jazeera trial was not included in the Presidential pardon because he is referred to a military trial.
By the way, April 6 Youth movement coordinator Amr Ali is allegedly found in Tora prison after his arrest on Tuesday suddenly. Ali is detained pending investigation 15 days by prosecution according to April 6 Youth leading member Zizo Abdo.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that young people are continuing to be targeted and their voices not able to be heard, this is a total travesty.


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