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Kodak Agfa Presents: That old Bookshop in Khan El-Khalili

If you have ever been to the famous Khan El-Khalili quarter, I am sure that you stopped at small bookshop inside selling old magazines and posters.
That bookshop in Khan El-Khalili

I do not know its name, but this is from the places you can not forget thanks to its excellent old magazines, newspapers. films posters and stamps

From old political magazines to comics magazines
It is the place to find old pricey newspapers and magazines in good condition if you are ready to spend a lot of money and do not like buying old magazines and newspapers from El-Azbakeya market for old and used books in Cairo.
As I hinted the old magazines and newspapers are pricey, they are not cheap at all compared to other places in Cairo.

An old magazine from the Royal Family era pre-1952 can reach up to LE 1,200.
Queen Farida on the cover of Al-Mussawar magazine
Princess Fawzia, former Queen of Iran
on the covers of Al-Mussawar magazine in
1930s and 1950s 
The collections of magazines from that era already include magazines that I have never heard of like El-Kashkol “The Notebook” magazine.

There was an issue from "El-Kashkol" magazine featuring Saad Pasha Zaghlol on its cover in a comic from the 1920s I assume.
Al-Kashkol magazine covers 
I did not imagine magazines would survive all that time in Egypt outside archives and private collections.
Saad Pasha on the cover of Monday Magazine 
Now an old magazine from Nasser era or Sadat era could reach up to LE 700.

Akher Saad Magazine covers featuring President Sadat after replacing Nasser in 1970 and
after his correction revolution against Nasser's men in 1971
Al-Mussawar magazine featuring Sadat in 1973 after October war "Right" and
after his assassination in October 1981 
The shop also got old newspapers from that era. Of course we are speaking about special newspapers issues.
Al-Akhbar announcing President
The farewell day in September 1970

Wisely the Bookshop owner and keepers organized the magazines with eras and themes.
Just as you noticed above you got the collection of President Sadat and President Nasser as well the Mohamed Ali Royal Family.
There was a collection of entertainment and showbiz magazines showing old actors and stars on magazines’ covers from 1940s till 1960s.

Entertainment magazines 
There was interesting collection showing old Arab kings and Presidents on the cover of old Egyptian magazines like King Hussein of Jordan and King Abdel Azizi  Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia as well late Iraqi president Abdel Karim Kassem.

Arab leaders on Egyptian magazines covers 

A Saudi King on the cover of Al-Mussawar magazine in
special issue about the Saudi Kingdom
The shop also sells reproduced old Egyptian films posters as well orientalist paintings of Egypt and Orient as well post stamps.
Stamps and posters

The second wife film poster "1960s" 
"A Day from my life" starring Halim poster.
Raya and Sakina film poster from 1953
If you go to Khan El-Khalili, do not forget to visit that interesting place.
Those photos were taken in 2012 and 2015 by the way. 


  1. lovely post - did you find out the name of the place?

    1. Unfortunately , I do not. Sorry for the extreme late reply :)

  2. MUCH RESPECTFUL Ms.ZEINOBIA/ALL i've got to say to your 2 years' old article & photos WOW/WOW/& WOW ,I was flabbergasted by seeing those photos of THIS WONDERFUL+AMAZING Antiques/Book shop in KHAN EL KHALILI/CAIRO(iwish the Owner-s A Very GOOD LUCK & Unlimited PROSPERITY+ Continuous SUCCESS!!)... Which Watered my mouth,i wished if i could BE BEAMED UP like Dr.SPOCK in that American 1970/80s TV series STAR TREK do you remember??,and re-assembled in That ALADDIN'S TREASURES' CAVE in Khan-El-Khalili??Just leave me in there,lock the doors and Throw the keys away, it seems to me like being> ALICE in the Wonderland->to me,or a journey through the TIME MACHINE,my YOUTH will return undoubtedly and i'll feel there as a child/teen-ager in Toy-land> once again,& will re-fuel my memory with each magazine> Cover+Article+Photo+Cartoon as if i was United ONCE again with all my LOST & FOUND BELOVED->ONES?!Those film POSTERS,which & as we Kids,used to beg the theatre owners in Beirut city or in ALEY town< a summer-time resort we went,to give me Just a copy to hang them on my room walls,even though in those 1950/60s AL-KAWAKEB+AKHER SAA+AL GUILL weeklies used to make centre-spreads of my beloved Male/Female films SUPER-Stars,but those posters were like >WORKS OF ART, to me?..Even impatiently waited for the days the new movie began so that i or we KIDS may get one of them if LUCKY enough!!
    Sometimes we- the Kids- were smart & fast,tried and cunningly, to steal some of the pinned photos on the boards of scenes from the movies that's being shown..and ran,sometimes even been chased by theatre staff!!..Call it obsession or hobby or childhood phase of youth we were going through?,but i call it L..O..V..E/the love of culture,and appreciation/gratitude for all the people that gave us all they had with THEIR>Tears+Fears+Sweat+Valuable time+& SOMETIMES even with their precious LIVES..< Fly me to the MOON &>>>: LET ME PLAY AMONG THE STARS? stars of Cinema+press Giants+cartoonists+photographers & ALL THE OTHERS of YESTER-YEARS-LEGENDS?/..Please GOD, make this one wish of mine do come..TRUE!!Mr.NostalgiA/iS-HAK BARSOUMIAN/London-GB

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