Sunday, October 4, 2015

Seen in Cairo : A Catholic Church

Seen in Cairo : A Catholic Church in front of Egypt's Journalists syndicate 

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  1. Most RESPECTFUL Zeinobia...This splendid snap of The CATHOLIC Church in CAIRO,put me in>> LIKE time machine and I returned back to 1976 and years before that,and made me very emotional it reminded me, The ASSYRIAN CATHOLIC Church that was opposite where we lived in Khandaq el Ghamik/Bashoura/ it was on a street named SHARIIH SOURYA,Every working morning i humbly went there and did a small worshipping..for 7 minutes...even though My Armenian CATH.Church was not very far too & on DEBBASS Square ,but this CHURCH had some influence on me ..don t know what that was, but praying in there gave me the PUSH that i needed for that day at work/The stair case in Cairo Church snap was similar to the Assyrian prove my words,you or anyone interested GO to AL-JAZEERA S, WITNESS blog and find Beirut-Buones AIRES-Beirut/Where a young Argentinian lady went to Lebanon trying to find her Lebanese roots/in BEIRUT while a Lebanese Guide shows her around they pass-by that church s black iron-bars gate,where the Guide looking at the sky ..behind them is the ruins of this Church.. Unfortunately now demolished/ransacked in 1976 & after being on the Green Line between, then ,warring 2 militias ...HEARTBREAKING...,BUT YOUR PHOTO WAS Very NOSTALGIG....Thank you dear Zeinobia ..thank you INDEED! & GOD bless, Best wishes to >>you<< & all /Is-Hak Barsoumian/London-G.Britain


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