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Updates About Luxor and Ismailia’s police abuse cases, MOI rethinks its move

There are new updates regarding the incident of Talaat Shabeeb in Luxor following the escalation of the people there and their angry protests.

Late Shabeeb 

As I expected and predicted in the first post, the Ministry of interior “MOI” is trying to contain the anger of the people in the Upper Egyptian city.
The Assistant minister of interior for South Upper Egypt affairs traveled to Luxor and presented his condolence personally to the family of Talaat Shabeeb.

The Luxor security directorate was going to organize some sort of vigil, oh yes a vigil at Al-Awamiyah to pay their respect to the victim and his family !!!

I am amazed not because they are not holding candles and would carry banners but because those are Egyptian police officers doing that in the heart of Upper Egypt.

Already from three days only, the head of Luxor security directorate said in media statements that Talaat Shabeeb was actually a drug dealer and had a criminal record.

Shabeeb used to papyrus papers to Tourists at Luxor temples.

There are media reports that the police officer involved in the death of Shabib was transferred from the police station and he is investigated by the MOI internally.
The Prosecutor General also is investigating the case.

Moving to Ismailia , in the heart of Suez Canal cities.

A similar incident took place last Thursday involving the death of a citizen in police custody and strangely it has the same details like Shabeeb.

A veterinarian called Afify Hassan was arrested while working in his wife’s pharmacy on Thursday by a police force. They allegedly claimed that he was a drug dealer and that he had a criminal record.
After few hours of his custody, Dr. Hassan passed away due to a heart attack.

On the other hand , his wife Reem Youssef revealed that the police officer that arrested her husband used to harass them allegedly to force them to leave the pharmacy for the sake of the building landlord.
Late Afify Hassan 
Dr. Reem Youssef says that her husband already suffered from heart disease and fainted at the police station and was transferred to the hospital where he died.

It is unclear whether he was tortured or what caused him to faint at the police station.

She also added that the police force that stormed her pharmacy did not have any search warrant in the first place to search the place.

Dr. Youssef has a proof that her husband was taken from the pharmacy that night according to a surveillance video camera. The footage shows late Hassan roughed up by two persons , allegedly a police officer and a low ranking police officer who took him to the police station.

This is considered the last time Hassan was seen alive in his wife’s pharmacy.
Arresting late Dr. Houssni.

Hassan’s family as well The Syndicate of veterinarians in Ismailia raised the matter in the media.
The general prosecution is currently investigating the matter.

The Ismailia security directorate announced that it suspended the police officer involved in the case.

On Saturday following his funeral, the people in his neighborhood protested and blocked a road in the Suez canal city demanding justice. I think the protest in Luxor on Friday inspired.
The protesters blocked Mohamed Ali street in Ismailia to denounce
the death of Afify Hassan in police custody 

#ياخبر | فيديو من مظاهرات الإسماعيلية بعد مقتل الطبيب ضحية ضابط المباحث محمد ابراهيم.
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In a bad silly joke , the head of Ismailia security directorate went to attend the memorial service of late Afify Hassan.
The head of Ismailia security directorate at Dr. Afify's
memorial service. 
Moving to October city in Giza, we got another incident but it does not involve death thank Goodness.

On Thursday,  a police officer is currently detained pending investigation for assaulting a bus driver and falsifying a police report that the bus driver was arrested on drugs.

Two brave ladies witnessed the incident and reported it to the prosecution.

In a bad irony, people are thanking the prosecutor who is investigating the case, as if what he did in that case was an extraordinary thing not his job !!

Later Saturday , President El-Sisi met with the minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafar and issued a decision to suspend any officer proved to be implicated in violating the citizens’ rights according to presidency on Saturday.

Well noise works and the people of Luxor and Ismailia made a good job to deliver their message
The ministry of interior itself is saying now that those incidents are isolated separate incidents that do not present a systematic policy.
I think that they are rethinking their move , it seems that they are realized we are in 2010 somehow. 

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