Sunday, January 24, 2016

Why so worried about #Jan25 in 2016 !?

I do not know why the regime is extremely worried about the fifth anniversary of the 25th January revolution in Egypt.
The past three weeks has been hysterical literality in the mainstream media when it comes to the anniversary that brought down the Mubaraks and his regime partially.
It is hysterical for real and what is happening in Tunisia is even making the Pro-regime media more hysterical as far as I could tell.
Even El-Sisi mentioned Tunisia in his speech at the Police academy urging Tunisians and Egyptians not to ruin their country because economic conditions all over the globe are bad !!
It is like they are freaking out !!!
Egyptian security Forces at Tahrir square
on 24 January 2016
The past three week has been witnessing unprecedented security crackdown on Egyptian activists from different political factions , whether from April 6 Youth or Revolutionary socialists or even Tamarod or independent activists despite no one declared his or her intention to organize protests or any street activity what so ever.
Despite April 6 Youth movement "both fronts" declared no intention so far to protest or organize any public event on the anniversiary of 25 January , 4  leading members "From the memebr of the political office" were arrested in late Deember for allegedly prepraring for protests !!
The famous political group which was officially banned by the adminsitrative court from a couple of years ago announced on Sunday that it woud not organize any event tomorrow.
The only thing they called for in their statement that was published on their facebook from the people to wear black on Monday in order to protest silently.

The Revolutionary Socialists have not declared any activity or plan from any kind and yet its leading member and active member in the Doctors Syndicate Taher Mokhtar was arrested and acussed of calling for protests next 25 Janaury !!!
Activist Moheb Doss was arrested on 6 Janaury outside t the Saint Mark Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo in his way to attend the Christmas mass.
Doss is from the co-founders of Tamaroud group !!
Of course after the arrest of Doss , one realized that there is a new outlawed group in Egypt now called "The 25 January youth" !!
I do not know if that is correct number but Tahrir news website reports that in one month ,217 citizens were arrested across the country for their intention to protest on the 25th January !!
Most of them are allegedly MB members according to the ministry of interior.
My foreign expat friends are telling me that rented apartments by foreigners and Non-Cairenes especially youth near Tahrir square were searched by security forces !!
Needless to say, the only political powers or group that called for protests are the usual suspects AKA The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies from very few Islamist powers.
Personally, I believe that tomorrow we will witness MB protests in villages that will be dispersed by forces.
The army deployed its units to Tahrir square and Downtown Cairo to secure them or rather to seal them down tomorrow along with thousands of police officers.

عناصر القوات المسلحة والشرطة المدنية تنفذ دوريات أمنية مشتركة لتأمين المنشآت والأهداف الحيوية ... ـــــــــــــــــــــ...
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On Facebook, some Pro-Janaury 25 supporter made that Facebook header that is being shared online like fire "We are not going to Tahrir , you sons of bitches" in reference to the famous Ultras song "We have not forgotten Tahrir square , you sons of bitches"
We are not going to Tahrir, you sons of bitches !! 
That fear from the 25 January anniversiary started with El-Sisi's speech in late December when the Egyptian president wondered why some people call for protests during the 5th anniversiary that ousted Mubarak and changed his own personal life.
He even wondered why people want to destroy their own country making undirect connection between the protests , which are legal constitutional rights and the destruction of countries like Iraq and Syria pulling the stability card over and over.
A side note: El-Sisi would not be a president without that revolution.
Even Egypt's Metrological authority warned that Egypt would see extremely unstable stormy weather across the country on Monday.
Indeed , it is extremely cold now in Cairo but not to the level of having cold winds coming from the North Pole directly to Cairo !!
Now, I am reading that Cairo Public Transportation authority is going to search the passengers on its buses tomorrow. 
Of course, people are laughing at the how the matter was being dealt in the media.
Memes are made all over the internet about that matter.
It seems to me that the regime does not understand that it is not about the 25 January as a date or Tahrir square as place. Uprisings and revolutions can happen any time at any where if the people are truly angry and fed up.
The regime truly does not understand that for real.

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  1. According to the logic of these idiots, Morsi would have been within his rights to classify Tamarod as a terrorist organization and mow down the Saudi Wahhabi-backed protests on June 30, 2013. Obviously, that would have been extremely bad, but it is what passes for "logic" by Sisi/Mubarak lunatics.


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