Thursday, April 21, 2016

Despite Egyptian official denials, Reuters report went viral "Updated"

And I think the Reuters exclusive report about Giulio Regeni and his murder in Egypt was a world top news on Thursday since it hit the wires to the level that Egyptian official denials or filing a police complaint in Cairo against Reuters' Cairo bureau won't stop its
Giulio Regeni
Late Giulio Regeni 
Reuters published a report where it quoted 6 anonymous Egyptian security officials who said that the 28-years old Italian political researcher was detained by police on 25 January and then transferred to a compound run by Egypt's Homeland security.
Reuters quoted in its exclusive allegedly 3 anonymous intelligence officers and 3 police officers independently.
As an Egyptian journalist , I can say we got a problem with anonymous sources, especially in security apparatuses especially we do not have that whistleblower culture.
People are suspecting that what we read in Reuters is actually another sign for ongoing fight in Mount Olympus in Egypt especially the international news agency is quoting anonymous intelligence officers.
This is not the first, international media speaks about the direct involvement of Egyptian security in the awful murder of Regeni.
his time, it is quoting anonymous security forces including intelligence
Despite the Reuters' report included a direct denial from Egypt's Homeland security , the Egyptian ministry of interior issued an official statement denying Reuters' claims.
The ministry denied once again Regeni was arrested and detained.

Updated : On Friday, the ministry of interior filed a police complaint against Reuters' Cairo bureau accusing it of publishing false news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is getting sillier by the minute !! What next !? Closing Reuters bureau !!?
Now , there is one problem.
Egypt's ministry of interior's denial  won't matter or go viral. It is not about conspiracy but about creditability and trusted.
The Egyptian ministry of interior is less trusted with its record of human rights.
Not to mention, aside being a primary suspect in Regeni's murder unofficially , the way it handled the case since the beginning makes it less credible.
It is enough what happened to those 5 suspects that were killed for nothing.
The Reuters' exclusive report came on the same day CNN published an important report by dear Sara El-Sirgany regarding the five men killed and accused of being involved in the murder of the Italian student by the police
More and more evidence prove that those suspects were poor five men who were killed for nothing, unfortunately.
Updated : Hours after those reports , the United States officially calls on Egypt to conduct a thorough probe into Regeni's death according to the official spokesperson of the U.S. States department. 
By the way earlier this week , we found former NDP leading figure and businessman tycoon Mohamed Abou-Elenin hosting on his "Sada El-Balad" TV channel two Italian Senators claiming that the Egyptian government was not involved in the murder of Regeni. "how did they know ? "
Italian Senators speak to Abou-Elenin
Italian Senators Lucio Barani of the Liberal Popular alliance Bloc and Senator Francesco Amoroso boldly claimed that "some sinister organization" funded by international economic powers tortured Giulio in order to replace Italy and its economic relations with Egypt !!!
Interestingly , Lucio Barani was suspended last year in the Italian parliament for his extreme and shocking sexist remark to follow parliamentarian
You must know official state media and pro-regime in Egypt above MENA introduced Barani as the head of Italy's Ruling party !!
Amoroso was the former President of the Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary assembly. Abou-Elenin is currently the honorary president of that organization.
Abou-Elenin, the ceramic tycoon got very strong economic relations with Italy. I think he is married to an Italian lady already.
Sada El-Balad was the first TV channel to host that fake eye-witness who claimed to see Regeni at the Italian consulate in Downtown Cairo and turned to be a liar.
Businessman and Founder Free Egyptians Party Naguib Sawiris also travelled to Italy with the delegation from his party to speak with Italian officials about Regeni !!
Sawiris got huge investments in Italy as well.
It seems to me that Sawiris and Aboul Enein think that Italy or Europe like Egypt where businessmen can use their power and pull strings if they want.


  1. The Ministry of Interior goes by (Denial is a river in Egypt), and (C. is the queen of denial) according to the country western song. After few official statements, the regime can't reverse direction. It is one-way to the end.
    A dreadful side of this crime lies in incriminating evidence possessed by foreign entities and used to receive favorable policy decisions.

    1. Yes, I believe the Italian government got some evidence and that's why they are angry.

    2. What you believe does'nt matter.


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