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What about the other five men !? What about Adel Moawad ? "Updated"

As the Italian Government and mainstream media speak about Giulio Regeni's murder crime , there is always a question rings a bill in Cairo among those who still care about human rights "What about those five suspects killed and presented in the media as the gang involved in Regeni's murder !?" especially that nobody bought that "gang story"
Regeni's family mentioned them thankfully but nobody cared for those men in the mainstream media in Egypt.
The Egyptian Ministry of interior "MOI" officially claims that those five or rather four suspects are criminal and convicted robbers who kidnapped foreigners in Egypt.
It also claims that they were killed in an exchange of fire.
This was the version of the ministry of interior and of course , there is another version of the story.
It started with one of the suspects' uncle saying on TV that his nephew , who was killed in that exchange of fire was actually arrested from his apartment and that he had no criminal record unlike what the MOI claimed.
That was the first blow to the MOI's story.
Now journalist Basma Mostafa from DotMsr made an investigative video report about the families of those five suspects revealing new information.
The families of the five suspects speak to DotMsr

According to the report, the criminal records of two suspects only do not include murder or robbery but included fraud and drug use crimes.
The stuff allegedly found with the suspects in Giulio Regeni's murder case
Aside from IDs , that stuff was owned by
the suspects and their families. "MOI"
According to the report , 4 suspects were not in Cairo when Regeni was kidnapped and murdered.
According to this report , that stuff that appeared with Regeni's IDs were actually owned by one of the suspects and their families taken from their homes.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
According to that investigative report , we could have 6 people killed for no reason including late Giulio Regini himself.
This fine investigative reported is made by journalist Basma Mostafa
Interestingly , that video news report is produced by DotMsr , the formerly-Emirate owned News website which is currently owned by upcoming Media Mogul/former or current intelligence officer Yasser Selim .
This is a side note you may find interesting or not.
In another country , the Prosecutor General should open another investigation based on that dangerous claims.

Updated : according to Human rights lawyer Karim Abdel Rady, suspects' son were arrested after appearing in the video disappeared earlier Friday

Later , Al-Bediah reported that it was told by sources that those relatives of the late suspect were summoned to the High State security prosecution. 
On Friday also , Egyptians launched on twitter "The_Five_rights_before_Regeni's_right" demanding justice for those five men

The case of the Missing Egyptian

Recently, the Pro-regime Media is now bringing up the case of Egyptian citizen Adel Moawad Heikal as official Egypt's answer to Italy's demand to know the truth about Giulio Regeni.
Adel Moawad is 49-years old Egyptian man who works and owns a carwash service in Italy. He disappeared in October 2015 and he has not found since then.
Needless to say , the case of Moawad is different than Giulio Regeni's case but Egyptian officials beg to differ.
Adel Moawad
Adel Moawad "Facebook" 
According to the fantastic investigation of Moatz Sabry about the case , we found out that the first mention of Moawad after five months of his disappearance in the Egyptian media was in Shorouk Newspaper where a security source spoke about him in a news report about Regeni.
In his interview with La Rupubblica in March , President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi mentioned him demanding the Italian government to reveal the fate of the Egyptian citizen who disappeared in October.
Interestingly , the Egyptian officials refer to Moawad as a "young man" when he is 49 years old !!
After Sisi's interview , the Pro-Regime media TV hosts adopted the case of the Carwash service owner and even began to call him "Egypt's Regeni"
It seems to me that the Egyptian officials think that they got a pressure card against the Italian authorities.
Aside from the fact that the case of Moawad is different than Regeni's, I think it is so bold from the government to stand and demand to know the fate of that man when it abandoned him for whole 5 months !!
As much as I am glad that the President remembered  the case of Adel Moawad who disappeared in October , I hope that the Egyptian administration cares for at least other 4 cases of Egyptians who disappeared without a trace in Italy.
According to Moatz Sabry's report, there are other 4 cases of Egypt who disappeared in Italy as reported by Italian TV show "Chi L' ha Visto ?" beside Mr. Adel Moawad.
Those cases are : 29-Years-old Medhat Farg "Disappeared since 2008" , 49-years-old Mana'a Abdel Rahman "Disappeared since 2009" , 19-years-old Randa Guindy "Disappeared since 2011" , 26-years-old Abdel Ghanay Moussa "Disappeared since 2013" and 15-years-old Ahmed Abdel Fattah "Disappeared since 2014"
I think we need to speak about those Egyptians as well if we really care about Egyptians everywhere.
I hope that the Egyptian media also shades the light on the misery of the missing people in Egypt like Mostafa Massouny and Ashraf Shehata as well more than 390 cases of Egyptians who disappeared forcibly according to human rights organizations in Egypt in the past few months.
"Thanks to Italy's Corriere Della Sera team for their great work on that file, I just wish that we would have seen it in an Egyptian publication first"

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  1. The metro station where Regeni disappeared should be named "Regeni station". This is the least to honor a young man who loved Egypt enough to choose her as a subject for his academic career.
    Five victims are not enough. The coverup of Regeni's gruesome murder will require additional victims by way of accidents, suicide, or staged natural causes. It has to get worse before it turns better.


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