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The Wanted "Street Children" Troupe "‘Updated"

In a very short time, a local troupe of young Egyptian boys called "Street Children" earned popularity online with their sarcastic performance art in the street.
The 6 young men who work in Theatre and study arts used to post videos on their official Facebook page showing them singing in the street about social and political issues sarcastically in a very artistic way I would say.
The street children troupe
The street children troupe members 
They gained huge popularity and they were hosted on TV shows like "The Complete Picture" on ONTV Live and I think that they will appear on SNL Arabia soon.
Now , the members of that troupe have been fugitive except one who had been arrested from two days ago and is being accused of publishing videos online that are insulting to the State institutions and inciting protests. A Cairo court ordered his release on bail "LE 10,000" but the prosecution appeal against the decision.
Updated: Four other members were arrested.
According to their official Facebook page , the band member Ezz El-Din Khaled was arrested early Saturday from his house in Heliopolis and that he was referred to the Prosecution.

On the same day , the Prosecution decided to detain the 19 years old student at Ain Shams University 4 days pending investigation for publishing videos online that are insulting to the state institution and inciting protests.
Later , we found a heartbreaking post published by another band member Mohamed Khaled about the rest of the band was on the run and that their youngest, Ezz who is diabetic was arrested.

I am not going to say that we are surprised because we knew that something was going to happen.I know many people are blaming us , especially blaming me because I was pushing the band to do many stuff. Still two days before shooting the last video, we said that we do not get old and remember that we were coward when we were young. We are not coward but what is happening to us is a bit bigger than all of us as it turned out that our files are on the minister of interior's desk.  All the six of us are wanted. Five are on the run and the youngest one of us who suffers from diabetes is arrested. I spoke with the lads last night and we do not regret that it came to this but we are afraid of the future. Egypt is so scary. What happened was inevitable. Our lives are changing in front of our eyes but Egypt insists not to change. I know that we are nobodies in the current course of event but the life of those 6 nobodies is being shaped those days.. and possibly it is going to finish. One of us thinks about suicide and two others think about shit and the rest of us are shocked.
Egypt is indeed a scary place. I can not writer "Freedom for Ezz" and the most person who believes that he will not be released , we are not going to be out for too long. It is too difficult. What I can say that you should no be afraid outside because we are not going to be afraid inside   
Troupe members in handcuffs
The boys in handcuffs "Tarek Al-Awady"
Earlier Monday, the court ordered the release of Ezz on bail "LE 10,000" but the Prosecution appealed against the release order according to the Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression "ATFE".
Monday evening , three other band members "Mohamed Dousky , Mohamed Adel and Yahia " were arrested according to lawyer Tarek Al-Awady.
Here are the photos of the boys in handcuffs. Yes, one of them shaved his hair and beard so he would not be recognized.

On Tuesday , we knew that the court decided to release Ezz but the Prosecution decided to detain the remaining members 15 days pending investigation for the following charges :

  • Joining others in forming a group that is against the principles of the state and incites against authorities '!!!'
  • Spreading false news about Tiran and Sanafir 
  • Joining a group attempting to topple the regime. 

I knew that those boys were going into a trouble when they made a video mocking President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi telling him to leave. "Their Facebook page and accounts are closed"

Here is a video from YouTube.

It is a suicidal act without a doubt now in Egypt.
After receiving threats online and the Pro-State and Pro-Regime Facebook pages began to attack them, the boys published another sarcastic video about how they were afraid.

Here it is on YouTube

The troupe used to criticize the regime in a light way I would say bringing up matter like Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam.

From YouTube But then came the Tiran and Sanafir islands matter and what followed from security crackdown against activists and protesters.

Among those who already arrested in the past few week , popular online political satirist Mohamed Mamdouh. Mamdouh , another university student began to follow Bassem Youssef's steps and have this popular and successful YouTube show "Who is that !? "
Mohamed Mamdouh
Mohamed Mahmoud 

Mamdouh criticized and mocked Sisi in his video.
The good news is that he and other detainees are released on bail on Tuesday. Mamdouh paid about LE 20,000 bail.
Of course, there is a case against him and others. Mamdouh is accused of attempting to topple the regime , disturbing public peace and inciting protests.
Now , I think you understand why Bassem Youssef does not want to return back.
Nevertheless , they did not care.
The boys had more guts than big men to speak up and mock the regime and its head. Yes, it is dangerous and yes, it is foolish. Still those boys are from those 25 January kids who made fun of the naked Emperor
Here is the one of the interviews they made on TV with Lilian Daoud on ONTV from several weeks ago.
Street Children Band on ONTV

In the end, I remember the words of late Poet Salah Jahin :
I am the clown
Why did you leave ?
Why are you scared ?
I have no sword in my hands nor a horse underneath me !!
Oh my !!
Ezz El-Din Khaled
Ezz , the Street children band as a clown

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