Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Attaba fire aftermath

Late Sunday , Cairo did not sleep well as huge fire erupted in the famous Rewaiei commercial street in Downtown's Attaba area.
The photos from the famous street while it was on fire were more than scary.
Firefighters for two days tried to put off the fire in the narrow street full of shops, workshops and street vendors places. 
Strangely and unfortunately, the fires continued till Monday and early Tuesday. I went earlier Tuesday to find out that they were still putting off the fire where it allegedly started at Al-Andalus Hotel building.

Al-Andalus Hotel , where it allegedly started 
The people are sad there and they have to be.They lost everything in the fire and face uncertainty in  very rocky economic conditions.
I took couple of photos and videos but I am so tired to post them here and write about this huge blow to Egypt's gray economy
Here is what I could upload now while my eyes are open after a long day.
Yes, they were still putting off the fire there

Al-Rewaie street after the great fire
The fires continued till Tuesday 
That street used to be buzzing and you could not move in it because of street vendors' stalls
All was destroyed in the fire 
A little glimpse of the damage because of the fire 
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  1. Heck, there is another fire in the not so far Ghoreyya market. Is it a conspiracy? Is there some foul play instigated by shadowy Arab investors aiming to takeover the area? Or is it just the typical Egyptian negligence and ignorance? Ahhh, God is there to protect Egypt, and his shadow on Earth, General Sissy and his army are his hands.

  2. Huge wild fire in western Canada and
    Wild fire in Cairo, Egypt.
    Allah swt have Mercy on us.


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