Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seen at the Egyptian Museum : King Djoser statue

Seen at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo last December, the rare and fantastic King Djoser's statue.
King Djoser's fame comes from the fact that he was buried in the first step pyramid structure in the world.
Interestingly, that limestone statue blows up the myth the ancient Egyptians did not have a mustache.
If you pay attention, you will see that thin mustache.
I could not take a better shot of the Limestone Old Kingdom statue thanks to the reflective glass. You can see my reflection in the photo.
I took that with iPhone after failing several times to take a better photo using my camera.
I tried to take another photo below but it was not that close.

Statue of King Djoser
King Djoser state in the Old Kingdom section of the Egyptian Museum
By the way, I took that photo on that day in December at the Egyptian Museum along with a dear friend, a talented photographer who has been sentenced to five years in prison and LE 100,000 fine for illegal protesting on 25 April.  
I am angry, too angry to write anything about the whole thing, to be honest. 

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