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Look who is back to the Media scene in Egypt

The last two weeks witnessed huge and interesting acquisitions and merger in TV channels to the level that we are speaking about a media map that is being reshaped and as this takes place , we find a new or rather old face from Mubarak's era coming back making a surprise for everybody.
Suddenly , huge billboards in Cairo and Giza are seen with the ads of the new weekly newspaper Al-Zaman and her owner as well editor-in-chief Elham Sharshar , the wife of former and infamous interior minister Habib El-Adly.
The billboard of Al-Zaman newspaper and its owner Elham Sharshar
The billboard of Al-Zaman newspaper and its owner Elham Sharshar
Yes , the wife of the Mubarak's long-time interior minister is having a comeback in the media with a weekly newspaper that defends Islam scared beliefs and places as well the nation !!!
The newspaper is pure Pro-Sisi and Pro-regime. You can not doubt that.
Al-Zaman newspaper
Al-Zaman newspaper 
Egyptian websites and newspapers are speaking that she would open a TV channel as well.
Elham Sharshar was a journalist in State-owned Al-Ahram Daily newspaper in its Crime section.
I do not remember reading anything significant for her before the revolution.
Already , the first I knew that she was the wife of El-Adly when she appeared on the cover of Nisf Al-Donia Magazine in some first lady pose. "I can not find that cover online"

Sharshar before 25 Jan 
After the 25 January revolution , we found more interesting information about her and other "wives" of the infamous minister who was accused of several corruption charges in addition to the killing of protesters.
El-Adly was officially convicted in one of the corruption cases and spent three in jail.
Anyhow after the fall of Mubarak's regime especially the fall of her husband , the crimes journalist rebranded herself as Islamist writer wearing a light veil with make-up .
Sharshar after Jan25 
Yes, as an Islamist writer and thinker as well !!!!
As an Islamist thinker , I would say that she got some strange ideas according to her own-Fan-YouTube channel.
Elham Sharshe : A message from the Egyptian People to the leader of the Arab and Islamic Nation "Abdel Fattah El-Sisi"
That public announcement about Elham Sharshar newspaper comes at the same time Pro-Regime Youm 7 claimed that her husband , the infamous former interior minister was going to reconcile with the State and return back LE 2 billion in the famous "Interior ministry's financial corruption case".
The newspaper claimed that he wanted to pay the LE 2 billion fine in that case too !!
From where did they get all that money to publish a weekly newspaper and to reconcile financially with the state seriously speaking !?

Newspapers and websites in the past few days say that she managed to get away with her money from legal freezing assets orders issued after the 25 January.
Already I do not know how this happened but anyhow we must ask from where she got all that money to issue a newspaper like that !!
Elham Sharshar is not alone in her new project as she got technical help from a veteran journalist as an "advisor". That veteran journalist is former head of Journalists syndicate Makram  Mohamed Ahmed who is having another comeback in the scene.
The  former head of Egyptian journalists syndicate and longtime Pro-regime supporter Makram Mohamed Ahmed was ready to run in the upcoming elections of the Egyptian Journalists syndicate right after the decision of the Prosecution to refer the current head of Journalists syndicate Yahia Qallash to court.
Ahmed did not hide his Pro-regime position in this crisis unfortunately, rejecting what the syndicate did from hosting Badr and El-Sakka's sit-in.
It is just sad because when Makram Mohamed Ahmed was the head of the Journalists syndicate , he let Abdel Galil El-Sharnoby , the journalist and former editor-in-chief of Ikhwan Online at the headquarter of the syndicate in Cairo to have a sit-in there from 12 March to 19 April 2008.
The state security wanted to arrest El-Sharnoby because he was a Muslim Brotherhood member and yet the members of the Journalists syndicate let him have a sit-in.
Here is the testimony of current Journalist syndicate General secretary and board member then Gamal Abdel Rahim about that incident

This is a well-documented incident and seriously I do not know why Makram changed his opinion after all those years.
There are other famous names collaborating with Sharshar in her newspaper, mostly from old Pro-regime media figures like Mofid Fawzy.
Interesting times indeed !!

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  1. I loved seeing the contasting 2 photos of the wife of the ex Minister of Mubarak. Keep us laughing! :) Good points.


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