Friday, August 19, 2016

And Egypt got another Bronze medal in Rio 2016

And Egypt has managed to get another medal in the Rio 2016 earlier Friday morning thanks to the amazing Taekwondo fighter Hedaya Malak.
Malek won the Bronze medal in the women's Taekwondo-57kg category beating her Belgian rival by a golden kick.
Hedaya Malak
Hedaya and her medal "AFP"
Hedaya , who is a studying décor at the Faculty of fine arts managed to get Egypt's its third medal after Sarah Samir and Ehab Mohamed in the Rio 2016 summer Olympics games.
Many Egyptians including me woke up till the early hours of Friday morning following Hedaya Malak and man , it was worth it.
She brought great happiness and pride to many Egyptians with her smiles after winning the game.
Officially Malak is the second woman medalist in the history of Olympics after weightlifter Sarah Samir.
She is also the first Arab woman to get a medal in Taekwondo.
Of course, early Friday was a good day for Arabs.
Jordan achieved its first medal ever in its Olympic history thanks to its Taekwondo fighter Ahmad Abughaush in the men's Taekwondo-68 kg category.
A tough fighter indeed, Abughaush won a gold medal.
It was really a good day.

Back to Malak, there were very beautiful scenes after the game starting on how she was crying after knowing that she got a medal or how celebrated victory upside down or running around with the Egyptian flag or how her Spanish trainer kissed her hands.

Crying after winning from happiness "AFP"
Hedaya Malak
Jumping from joy "AFP" 
Here is the full sequence

Her Spanish trainer kissing her hand 
In video 

Hedaya Malak
With her family and members of Egyptian Olympic delegation
Hedaya Malak
Getting ready for taking the medal 

Very beautiful scenes.
Here is the first statement for Hedaya from Rio after winning the medal saying that she wished that she was able to win the gold medal with a beautiful smile.

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  1. Congratulations to the Egyptian medal winners!

    The American swim team, after a long night of drunken debauchery, got into a dispute with armed cops, and lied to the cops. It turned into a diplomatic incident.


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