Wednesday, August 17, 2016

So Which governmental agency in Egypt did buy those fancy French business jets !? "Updated"

Sources in the Egyptian Presidency denied to Al-Watan newspaper that it acquired new 4 air jets from France hours following the spread of a French news report claiming that Egypt bought 4 air jets for 300 million Euros on Tuesday.

According to French Le Tribune , the Egyptian Government signed a Contract with French Dassault Aviation to buy 4 business jets Falcon 7X for 300 million Euros "Nearly LE 3 billion".

It is worth to mention according to Le Tribune's archives that actually the Egyptian government began talks with Dassault Aviation about the 4 expensive business jets in July.

Updated on 18/8/2016: 

Interestingly , ONA private news agency and Al-Watan Daily reported that Dassault Aviation issued a statement published on AFP denying that it signed a contract with the Egyptian government to provide it with 4 business jets as some French newspaper claimed.

It has been hours and I could not find that statement on Dassault's official website or AFP's official wire services in English, Arabic or French. Dassault Aviation already has not issued a new press statement since 21 July. 
Needless to say , the strange news that suddenly appeared on those two websites mentioned above spread like fire among Pro-regime supporters.

On the other hand , Shorouk Daily quoted informed sources that there were currently talks about the Egyptian government and Dassault about the Falcon 7 X business jets. The sources added the only thing remaining to finalize the deal simply was : The Egyptian government has to pay 78 million Euros "near to LE 782 million" as a first installment.

The sources also stated that in case the government got the jets , then they would be allocated to the presidential as well the governmental personnel.
Falcon 7X
Dassault Aviation's official photo for Falcon 7X 
The Egyptian government or rather the Egyptian ministry of defense already bought 24 Rafale combat jets from Dassault in a famous 3.2 billion Euros deal.I should hint out that for the first time in the history of modern Egypt, the Egyptian ministry of defense took loans from French banks to finance this deal.

The newspaper did not reveal the name of the Egyptian governmental agency or institution but you can understand that it is the Egyptian government in general as there was no more information to share already.

In Egypt , people read this report and accused the Egyptian presidency of acquiring those business jets as it is the only institution in the country known to own Falcon business jets in its air jets fleets.

According to Al-Watan Daily newspaper's investigative report about Mubarak's presidential air jet fleets , the Egyptian Presidency already owned 3 Dassault's Falcon business jets already.

Al-Watan report included many interesting details about the air jets, their history and the Mubaraks.
The report slammed Mubarak for spending nearly LE 3 billion on that huge fleet of air jets during his 30-years rule accusing him of corruption.

Now Egypt is also going to buy 4 business jets with  another LE 3 billion !! I hope people ask questions now and not after 30 years.

Back to Mubarak's report , there is an interesting part about Pentagon documents speaking about how Mubarak spent millions of dollars to buy Gulf stream jets as part of the U.S aid.
Going back to the internet, I found out that this was brought up in January 2011 in U.S military forums and websites about how the U.S taxpayers' money was spent like that on that dictator's presidential jets.
I do not know if U.S administration or rather the Pentagon answered or not.
The news about the contracts and deals between the Egyptian government and Gulf stream about presidential planes are already available online in English since 2002.

Now , we are back to our Falcon deal in 2016.

Some informed journalists, the Egyptian Presidency is the only institution in the country besides EgyptAir that is allowed to negotiate and acquire private civilian jets directly.
Anyhow, the news came in a very provoking time.

It became viral in time as people on twitter and Facebook wondered why President Sisi would say on Saturday that people especially women in Egypt should face the difficult economic conditions when allegedly presidency acquire LE 3 billion 4 business jets !?

In that speech at the inauguration of some petrochemical complex , El-Sisi mentioned that the wars Egypt had affected its economy.

The last major war that affected Egypt was in 1973 !!
People also began to share photos of the interiors of that Falcon 7X jet.

The Falcon 7X from inside
The Falcon 7X from inside 
The Falcon 7X from inside
The Falcon 7X from inside 
The Falcon 7X from inside
The Falcon 7X from inside 
The Falcon 7X from inside
The Falcon 7X from inside 
They shared that news about how former president of Malawi Joyce Banda sold the Presidential Jet and a fleet of 60 Mercedes presidential car to help her country setting examples to all African nations of course except the land of Pharaohs !!
The news came hours after the Bloomberg's editorial about how Egypt's failing economy is El-Sisi's fault went viral like fire in Egypt.
I think we , as Egyptian citizens have to know which governmental agency or institution has acquired those air jets because that governmental agency or institution needs a lesson in austerity measures before speaking about citizens' spending.
I do not think that the House of Representatives will dare to ask about that governmental agency that bought those air jets.


  1. This is what parliaments are for.

    1. True but that memo has not arrived yet for our great house of representatives and its speaker :((

  2. True, but which parliament of which country?!


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