Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Watch this : Sleepless Cairo from 5 to 7

This short documentary below is called "Cairo from 5 to 7" produced by Egypt's High Cinema institute and directed by one of the institute's students a project from 3 years ago.
The short documentary shows parts of Cairo from 5 am to 7 am where the buzzing city seems too calm but not sleepy.

Cairo from 5 to 7 from Ahmed Abo el-Fadl on Vimeo.
Even in those early hours of the morning , the streets of Cairo seems to buzz with life but in a very quiet way.
"Cairo from 5 to 7" is filmed and directed by the student then Ahmed Abo El-Fadl and edited by Badr Dhai.
It was filmed in different parts of Cairo including downtown Cairo and Islamic Cairo between January and April 2013.
You can see how the sleepless loud city can be quiet sometimes , for few hours in some parts
Now I will seize this opportunity to post more photos from my visit to Cairo tower from a couple of weeks earlier.
They were not taken between 5 to 7 AM but during the sunset and night using my iPhone.
From the top of Cairo tower
That side from Cairo 
From the top of Cairo tower
The same side of Cairo but a bigger part of Zamalek appearing 
From the top of Cairo tower
Now another view showing the stadiums of Al Gazeera youth club
From the top of Cairo tower
October bridge traffic lights before sunset

From the top of Cairo tower
That magical hour 
From the top of Cairo tower
October bridge at night 
From the top of Cairo tower
The magical Cairo at night 

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