Egyptian Chronicles: Seen in Cairo : The city from above

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Seen in Cairo : The city from above

Location Cairo Tower, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
The city of Cairo
The glorious Cairo 
And here is the beautiful wild and glorious forever despite hardships Cairo during the sunset from its famous Cairo tower.
I went to Cairo tower on Monday with two dear friends afternoon where we saw the amazing sunset of Cairo and its night from above.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery and could not get better shots using my mobile phone.
Source: instagram
Here is a timelapse for October bridge in the sunset.

A video posted by Zeinobia (@zeinobia) on

Here is another shot vine for that magical hour of sunset.


Now in 2009 , I wrote a post you may be interested to read about the history of the once-tallest building in Africa after its renovation. 
In the same year , I visited the tower and took a couple of photos using my simple Sony Point and Shot and actually the photos were still great.


  1. Very nice photos. I have Twitter but not instagram :(


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