Saturday, July 23, 2016

And it is time to remember that coup tonight

And I have nothing this year to write about the anniversary of that original military coup that changed not only Egypt forever but the whole Middle East except that photo.

Abdel Hakim Amer , Anwar Sadat and Nasser
Hakim, Nasser and Sadat in early 1960s with big grin
Happy fucking 23 July Dear Egyptians.
It is 2016 and we still do not how to achieve the so-called 23 July goals except one to be precise : Having a strong army as the Egyptian armed forces rank as the 12th worldwide according to Global Fire ranking.


  1. Z, watch the lingo, you started using the F word publicly ;)

    List of coups?

    23 July 1952 Naguib-Nasser
    11 Feb 2011 SCAF
    3 July 2013 Sissy

    The worst of them is the 2013. Enough talking and debating about the 1952 and even the 2011. Egypt is crashing with an unprecedented speed towards the abyss under the Sissy's rule. Corruptions is even more alarming than the times of Mubarak.

    Even that goal of the army is highly doubtful. The army is rampan of corruption ya Z. Look at how many business ventures in the food, tourism, real estate, IT, media, construction, transportation, manufacturing, agricultural industries the army is participating in. The generals are killing competition in the economy, not under the guise of social justice as in 1950s, but under the vicious face of capitalism for a few bunch of belly growing crooks.

    I hold the (ex?) army generals responsible for the stiffed economic performance we are suffering from.

    Egypt is lost and we will never see a stable, prosperous country in our lifetime, nor in our children's.


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