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The Egyptian Museum of Cairo : Footwear in ancient Egypt in Video

It has been a while since I have posted any posts or photos or videos from my visits to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
Now, I am seizing the opportunity to share very shaky video footage I filmed at the Egyptian Museum when I went there in December.

Stepping through time
Stepping through Time: Footwear in Ancient Egypt 
When I went there for the first time, I found out that the Museum was holding a special small exhibit about footwear in Ancient Egypt.

The "Stepping through time: Footwear in Ancient Egypt" exhibit showed how ancient Egyptians regardless of their social status and ranks had known footwear from sandals and shoes for their daily life as well their afterlife.

Yes, closed leather shoes and they looked amazing.

I know that it is not the best video ever and I apologize for the shaky filming in advance. Hope that enjoy and share that shaky Egyptian Chronicles-in-less-than-3-minutes-video-production. 

It is another opportunity as well to share photos from my Egyptian Museum in Cairo photo collection showing ancient footwear just as I have done with King Tutankhamun's extraterrestrial dagger.

Inside "Stepping through time : Footwear in ancient Egypt"
Inside the small exhibition that held on the ground floor 

You can see how ancient Egyptians used different materials in making sandals and shoes whether fibre or straw or leather or wood.

An collection of ancient Egyptian wooden open shoes
Remains of wooden open shoes found in ancient Egyptian tombs 

The collection above of wooden open shoes or rather sandals goes back to the Middle Kingdom in ancient Egypt. 
Below we see the remains of ancient Egyptian espadrilles technically. 
A collection of ancient Egypt leather sandals and shoes
A collection of ancient Egypt leather shoes as you can see 

It was a collection from different eras featuring footwear from weather and fabrics. 

Ancient Egyptian leather open shoes
Remains of ancient Egyptian leather open shoes 
Ancient Egyptian leather sandals and shoes
A collection of ancient Egyptian leather open shoes 
Ancient Egypt Plain fiber open shoes and sandal
A collection of ancient Egyptian fibre sandals and open shoes 

And of course, the famous King Tutankhamun's collection got its own share of Golden sandals found in his tomb in Luxor in 1922.
A small golden statue showing king Tut wearing sandals
A golden statue of King Tutankhamen wearing
a sandal 

King Tut's black and golden sandals
King Tutankhamen's black and golden sandals depicting him while killing enemies 

King's Tut golden sandals
King Tutankhamen's golden sandals 

Ancient Egyptian deities , King Tut and his Golden statue
The golden statue of King Tut with his sandal along with a collection of ancient Egyptian

Another King Tut's golden statue
Tutankhamun statue alone 
And King Tut was a human like us and he did not wear golden sandals and shoes all the time. 

King Tutankhamen's shoe
Here is an amazing reconstructed model for a
coloured shoe found at King Tut's tomb in 1922

A sewn sandal from King Tut's collection
A sewn leather sandal found at King Tut's tomb
His grandparents "Tjuyu and Yuya" got their collection of fancy fibre sandals. 

Tjuyu and Yuya flipflops
Sandals from Tjuyu and Yuya collection "King Tutankhamen's Grandparents"

Sandals from Tjuyu and Yuya collection
A close up to one of the sandals 

Now personally, my favourite thing in that exhibit was a pair of amazing red-coloured leather shoes that survived till this day. 
There was a reconstructed model besides that pair on how it should look.

Ancient Egyptian red shoes
The amazing ancient Egyptian red shoes 

The amazing ancient Egyptian red shoes
Ancient Egyptians used to enjoy fancy shoes 

A pair of red ancient Egyptian shoes
Another shot but this time, I used my iPhone and posted on Instagram

Pakhuru's Shabti box
A shabti box of ancient Egyptian Pakhuru who used to work in Amun-Ra temples
depicting him while wearing a shoe
This exhibit was actually the best answer to the claim of the ultra-royalists in Egypt that Egyptian peasants loved being barefooted since the dawn of history.

Lately, ultra-royalists "they do exist in Egypt" defend the decision of King Farouk I in 1941 to have a national project to fight barefoot in Egyptian country and give the poor peasants shoes to wear claiming that Egyptians love to be barefoot !!

Rich people donated to that project.

Historians look to that project as evidence of the lack of social justice in Egypt during the rule of the MohameAli-Royal family.

As you may know, I am a little old royalist but I do not whitewash the errors and cons of that era.


  1. thanks so much, my favourites are the reconstructed beads & fabric ones, would go down a storm anywhere nowadays! Lot of work in that fine beading. nb doesn't King Tut look, in that statue surrounded by ones of gods, like he's singing into a microphone, and they're his backing singers?

  2. I can see some of Tut's sandals were comfortable, but probably not the gold ones


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